OpenBSD changes: 22/11/17 11:00 UTC 22/11 21:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ modified www/py-django/lts: update to 1.11.7.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ modified geo/mapserver: Add an example sysutils/supervisor configuration snippet as it's waaaays better than usi…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: tb@ changed x11/xclip: Avoid a vfprintf "%s" NULL that happens if DISPLAY is unset. ok jca, bentley

OpenBSD changes: 22/11/17 05:00 UTC 22/11 15:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kirby@ changed games/eduke32: update eduke32 to a current version (20171105 svn tag 6496) from maintainer Ryan Freeman,…

OpenBSD changes: 21/11/17 23:00 UTC 22/11 09:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ modified geo/pgrouting: Update to pgrouting 2.5.2. Use a variable like in postgis to avoid big PLIST churn at ea…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ modified geo/postgis: Update to postgis 2.4.2

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ modified geo/mapserver: Update to mapserver 7.0.7. See

RT @OpenBSD_src: anton@ modified regress/bin/ksh/edit: Add tests for emacs editing mode in ksh. While here, improve the output on test fail…

RT @OpenBSD_www: gilles@ modified opensmtpd/donations.html: thanks Tyler

RT @OpenBSD_src: anton@ modified regress/bin/ksh/edit/edit.c: Do not exit 0 if the program was terminated due to receipt of a signal other…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified x11/hs-xmonad-contrib/Makefile: Fix MODGHC_PACKAGE_KEY. When I commited the version with the old one, I s…

RT @OpenBSD_src: kettenis@ modified lib/libc/arch/arm/sys: Avoid .align 0. Clang's integrated assembler actually honors this directive and…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified graphics/gthumb: update to gthumb-3.6.0

RT @OpenBSD_src: tb@ modified bin/ksh/history.c: Initialize *histbase to NULL to fix a bus error in emacs editing mode found by anton. To r…

RT @OpenBSD_src: tb@ modified lib/libc/stdio/vfprintf.c: Use a simple forward search to find '%' in the format string instead of using mbrt…

OpenBSD changes: 21/11/17 17:00 UTC 22/11 03:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_src: naddy@ modified share/man/man5/port-modules.5: Delete mentions of the gettext module, which has been obsoleted and removed.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bcallah@ modified lang/gravity: Update gravity to 0.3.8 -- upstream used one of my macppc machines to fix a big endian b…

RT @OpenBSD_www: jcs@ modified support.html: sync

RT @OpenBSD_www: jcs@ modified build/support.dat: remove superblock

RT @OpenBSD_src: eric@ modified usr.sbin/smtpd: no need to check the sending process in imsg handlers when there is no ambiguity: just use…

RT @OpenBSD_src: tb@ modified usr.sbin/kvm_mkdb/kvm_mkdb.c: The call to setegid(2) was replaced with setresgid(2) a while ago. Adjust error…

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ modified sys/netinet6/ip6_forward.c: Do not assume if_get(9) returns a non NULL ifp when using a route interface inde…

OpenBSD changes: 21/11/17 11:00 UTC 21/11 21:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified sysutils/awscli: Update to awscli-1.11.190.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified net/py-botocore: Update to py-botocore-1.7.48.

RT @OpenBSD_src: patrick@ modified sys/netinet/ip_carp.c: Move the addrhook disestablish from carpdetach() to carp_clone_destroy() to make…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified mail/gmime30: Update to gmime30-3.0.4.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ modified www/sblg: Update to sblg-0.4.11. From Bryan Vyhmeister. Thanks!

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ modified textproc/html-xml-utils: Update to html-xml-utils-7.3. Changelog:

RT @OpenBSD_ports: feinerer@ modified x11/lemonbar: Update to lemonbar 1.3

OpenBSD changes: 21/11/17 05:00 UTC 21/11 15:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_src: mortimer@ modified gnu/llvm/lib/Target/X86/ The compiler is generally free to allocate general purpose…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ removed a couple things: remove garbage files

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ removed devel/gettext/ remove the remnant of the gettext module

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified many things: mechanical replacement of the gettext module

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ changed x11/xmonad: Patch out the use of setlocale. I don't see where and why xmonad needs this on OpenBSD.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ removed devel/capstone/p*: remove unused, empty files

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ removed devel/darcs/patches/patch-*: Blargh! Remove empty patch files.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/darcs: Enable 'darcs show dependencies'.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-sandi/Makefile: Remove BROKEN marker and update BUILD_DEPENDS.

OpenBSD changes: 20/11/17 23:00 UTC 21/11 09:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_www: tb@ modified faq/faq10.html: fix link to group(5) from julien steinhauser, thanks

RT @OpenBSD_ports: awolk@ modified net/corebird: net/corebird 1.5.1 => 1.7.3 OK rsadowski@ Klemens Nanni suggested the following tweaks on…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified many things: Update HOMEPAGE so it doesn't reference Rubyforge Rubyforge went away years ago.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified lang/jruby: Update to JRuby Update MASTER_SITES for switch from S3 to Maven.

RT @OpenBSD_src: kettenis@ modified sys/dev/fdt/sxiccmu_clocks.h: Add Allwinner A10 EMAC clock. From Artturi Alm.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified net/gupnp/igd: update to gupnp-igd-0.2.5

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified sysutils/libevtx/Makefile: Picks up xgettext(1) if present, so add BDEP on devel/gettext-tools. Remo…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified graphics/Makefile: Add graphics/hs-colour and graphics/hs-graphviz to the build.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ imported graphics/hs-colour: Import graphics/hs-colour. ok sthen@ This package provides a data type for colours an…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified textproc/Makefile: Add textproc/hs-stringsearch and textproc/hs-wl-pprint-text to the build.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ imported textproc/hs-wl-pprint-text: Import textproc/hs-wl-pprint-text. ok sthen@ This library is a clone of wl-pp…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ imported textproc/hs-stringsearch: Import textproc/hs-stringsearch. ok sthen@ This package provides several functi…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/Makefile: Add devel/hs-temporary to the build.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ imported devel/hs-temporary: Import devel/hs-temporary. ok sthen@ This library provides functions for creating tem…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bcallah@ modified archivers/libzip: Update to libzip 1.3.2 -- adds a new function, so minor bump. All consumers are happ…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified devel/quirks: brush away vomit

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ removed security/vomit: broken and not quite maintained flush it

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified security/Makefile: -vomit

RT @OpenBSD_ports: danj@ modified net/exabgp: Update to exabgp-3.4.22, add a test target and prettify the Makefile ok jca@ sthen@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/builder/Makefile: Issue has been fixed, tweak comment.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ changed textproc/libical: Update to libical-3.0.1.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: stu@ modified audio/xcd/Makefile: Update to working MASTER_SITES. From FreeBSD.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified security/sqlmap: update to sqlmap-1.1.11 ok rpointel@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified security/Makefile: +fierce

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ imported security/fierce: import fierce-1.2.0 Fierce is a semi-lightweight scanner that helps locate non-contigu…

RT @OpenBSD_src: ratchov@ modified usr.bin/sndiod/fdpass.c: Free memory in the error code-path, when we run out of descriptors during initi…

OpenBSD changes: 20/11/17 17:00 UTC 21/11 03:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_src: bluhm@ modified regress/sys/net/loop/Makefile: Skip the test and print a warning if pf does not process packets on additio…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rsadowski@ changed x11/kde4/cantor: Finale try to fix random build issues - Fix LUA detection from dcoppa@ - Fix libspec…

RT @OpenBSD_www: visa@ modified octeon.html: Add the Unifi Security Gateway to the list of supported machines. System usability confirmed b…

RT @OpenBSD_src: visa@ modified sys/arch/octeon: Add the board ID of the Unifi Security Gateway PRO-4. Not tested with the hardware.

RT @OpenBSD_src: visa@ modified sys/arch/octeon: Fix the product code of the Unifi Security Gateway. Prompted by Justin Hibbits

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ modified security/burpsuite: update burpsuite to 1.7.29. Release notes:

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jca@ changed net/knot: Better fix for the symbol conflict that affects our libtool Allows us to run the testsuite again.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jca@ modified net/knot/Makefile: Re-enable fast zone parser with clang

RT @OpenBSD_src: jca@ modified sys/net/if_etherip.h: Remove #if'0ed decls Stop pretending that we will migrate the content of this file to…

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ modified sys/netinet/ip_ipsp.h: Keep kernel defines under #ifdef _KERNEL. ok bluhm@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sebastia@ modified sysutils/ruby-puppet/4: bugfix update to 4.10.9

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sebastia@ modified sysutils/facter: simple bugfix update to 3.9.3, most notably not evaluating custom puppet facts twice…

RT @OpenBSD_src: krw@ modified sbin/dhclient/dhclient.c: Wnen purging dhclient.leases and when looking for unexpired offers to use, always…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sebastia@ modified sysutils/mcollective: small update to 2.11.4

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sebastia@ modified net/ruby-stomp/Makefile: running mcollective, have seen warnings that using global constant TRUE is d…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified security/hydra: update to hydra-8.6

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sebastia@ modified databases/Makefile: Hook up PuppetDB 5

RT @OpenBSD_src: bluhm@ modified regress/sys/kern/pledge/sockopt/Makefile: Now pledge("inet") allows socket option IPV6_V6ONLY. Adapt test.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sebastia@ modified sysutils/ruby-puppet/Makefile: hook up Puppet5

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sebastia@ imported databases/puppetdb5: Import puppetdb5, 5.1.1, for the time being, next to puppetdb4 like puppet5, OK…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sebastia@ imported sysutils/ruby-puppet/5: Import Puppet 5, 5.3.2, for the time being, next to Puppet 4 No conflicts cre…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sebastia@ modified sysutils/ruby-puppet: Preps for puppet5, do not bother with the emacs files anymore for puppet4, it's…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ changed net/icinga/core2: update to icinga2-2.8.0, drop libexecinfo (libbacktrace) use while there. See https://t…

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ modified sys/net: Flush flows using the radix-tree instead of a global list. This will allows us to get rid of the li…

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ modified sbin/ipsecctl/ipsecctl.*: Support collapsing flow outputs. Makes it easier to check live status of complex s…

OpenBSD changes: 20/11/17 11:00 UTC 20/11 21:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ modified sys/net: Sprinkle some NET_ASSERT_LOCKED(), const and co to prepare running pr_input handlers without KERNEL…

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ modified sys/net/if_*: Remove duplicated code working around the fact that ifpromisc() required a DOWN interface. ok…

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ modified sys/net/if.c: Do not fail if an interface is DOWN when calling ifpromisc(). As soon as the interface will be…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ added geo/geos/patches/patch-include_geos_*: Remove UTF8 BOM, hopefully fixing the build on non-clang archs. Rep…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified security/libnettle: Update to libnettle-3.4.

RT @OpenBSD_src: afresh1@ modified gnu/usr.bin/perl/lib/File/Copy.*: Support Time::HiRes::utime in File::Copy Fixes issues with cross-devic…

OpenBSD changes: 20/11/17 05:00 UTC 20/11 15:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jsg@ modified devel/luacheck: update to luacheck 0.21.2

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jca@ modified databases/tdb: Update to tdb-1.3.15 One function added: tdb_transaction_active()

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jca@ changed devel/libtalloc: Update to talloc-2.1.10 No header changes.

OpenBSD changes: 19/11/17 23:00 UTC 20/11 09:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_xenocar: matthieu@ modified driver/xf86-video-intel/src: Adapt xf86-video-intel to xserver 1.19 ABI changes. Mostly from upstre…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified devel/gettext/ drop redundant RUN_DEPENDS

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kirby@ modified lang/luajit/Makefile: missed comment from jca@, sorry.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kirby@ modified games/tome4/Makefile: missed comment from jca@, sorry

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kirby@ modified games/tome4/Makefile: set ONLY_FOR_ARCHS similar to lang/luajit because tome4 is using its own embedded…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kirby@ modified lang/luajit/Makefile: add comment about usage of embedded copy of luajit in games/tome4 requested and OK…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified many things: @comment beforesubst files. Should probably be removed in post-install or so but I am l…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/quirks: Register obsolete obsolete hs-ports.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified devel/monotone/Makefile: Picks up xgettext if present at configure time, so add RDEP on devel/gettex…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jca@ modified sysutils/monit: Update to monit-5.25.1 from Caspar Schutijser (maintainer)

RT @OpenBSD_www: tedu@ modified amd64.html: kaby lake is 7xxx series

RT @OpenBSD_ports: espie@ modified infrastructure/mk/ group more stuff after post-patch okay sthen@, aja@ and a full bulk build

RT @OpenBSD_ports: feinerer@ changed security/pcsc-cyberjack: Update to pcsc-cyberjack 3.99.5final.SP11

OpenBSD changes: 19/11/17 17:00 UTC 20/11 03:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified devel/gettext/ drop redundant BUILD_DEPENDS

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified games/polymorphable/Makefile: bump after change to games/flare pkgpath

RT @OpenBSD_src: kettenis@ modified sys/dev/fdt/sxiccmu*: Implement support for the "next-generation" clock bindings for the Allwinner A10/…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified www/snownews/Makefile: Replace gettext module, sync wantlib. Tweaked from a submission by Klemens Nanni.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bcallah@ added lang/apl/patches/patch-src_Parallel_hh: Attempt to fix the build of GNU Apl on sparc64, noticed by the bu…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified sysutils/liblnk/Makefile: Replace gettext module. The build picks up the gettext tools during configure…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified math/gnumeric: Update to gnumeric-1.12.36.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified devel/goffice: Update to goffice-0.10.36.

RT @OpenBSD_src: mikeb@ modified sys/dev/rnd.c: Remove interlocks between producers and consumers of randomness data A lot of randomness ev…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ changed www: Drop the gtk3 FLAVOR; it's not used by anything (WebKitGTK3 is under www/webkitgtk4) and will sa…

RT @OpenBSD_src: visa@ removed sys/arch: Remove lock_machdep.c from amd64, i386, mips64 and sparc64. The architectures have been using the…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified sysutils/firmware/athn/Makefile: depend on the minimum version of open-ath9k-htc-firmware/k2 for the lic…

RT @OpenBSD_src: job@ changed distrib: add growfs(8) to ramdisk Some resizing scenarios can be done from within single user mode, but resiz…

RT @OpenBSD_src: job@ updated cvs/src/distrib/special/growfs: Directory /cvs/src/distrib/special/growfs added to the repository

RT @OpenBSD_www: stsp@ modified want.html: Add a request for AR7010 devices which I will need to continue working on USB athn(4) open sourc…

RT @OpenBSD_www: stsp@ modified want.html: Remove my request for Atheros AR5008E-3NX devices. One such device was donated some time ago, th…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified x11/kde4/poxml/Makefile: work around msgfmt poisoning in

RT @OpenBSD_www: landry@ modified want.html: The laptop request has been taken care of by the OpenBSD Foundation, many thanks!

RT @OpenBSD_www: landry@ modified faq/faq15.html: Provide a PKG_PATH example with several mirrors and installpath value. initial diff by me…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ modified devel/harfbuzz/Makefile: Fix harfbuzz on non-clang archs by adding LIB_DEPENDS to LIB_DEPENDS-main so t…

OpenBSD changes: 19/11/17 11:00 UTC 19/11 21:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: espie@ modified sysutils/firmware/athn/Makefile: plist changes still demand REVISION bumps...

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jsg@ modified sysutils/dtb: update dtb to linux 4.14

OpenBSD changes: 19/11/17 05:00 UTC 19/11 15:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified audio/gradio/pkg/PLIST: unbreak

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ removed many things: Remove 47 now unused hs-ports from the build. jasper@ agrees to the list (and to the general…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified many things: Remove 47 now unused hs-ports from the build. jasper@ agrees to the list (and to the general…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified textproc/hunspell/Makefile: drop gettext module from port that is explicitly configured not to use NLS

RT @OpenBSD_www: tb@ modified faq/upgrade62.html: fix broken link: #AfterUpgrade -> #ConfigChanges. from awoserra via danj, thanks

RT @OpenBSD_www: espie@ modified faq/faq15.html: In general, pkg tools are fairly sturdy. Spell out more clearly that most use cases of pkg…

OpenBSD changes: 18/11/17 23:00 UTC 19/11 09:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified many things: Move BUILD_DEPENDS+=devel/gettext-tools out of the gettext module and into those ports that…

RT @OpenBSD_src: kettenis@ modified sys/dev/ofw/ofw_regulator.h: Extend regulator "framework" with functions to get/set voltages. ok jsg@

RT @OpenBSD_src: kettenis@ modified sys/dev/fdt/rkpmic.c: Add support for voltage regulators.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified mail/pear-Mail-Mime: update to pear-Mail-Mime-1.10.2

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kirby@ changed games/flare: - split to -main and -data subpackages. - install desktop file and icon

OpenBSD changes: 18/11/17 17:00 UTC 19/11 03:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_src: krw@ modified sbin/dhclient/dhclient.c: Generate correct time comments (renewal/rebind/expiry) in dhclient.leases and the…

RT @OpenBSD_src: visa@ modified sys/arch/octeon/dev/if_cnmac.c: Submit incoming packets to the network stack in batches like is done in man…

RT @OpenBSD_src: kettenis@ modified sys/dev/ofw/ofw_regulator.c: Extend regulator "framework" with functions to get/set voltages. ok jsg@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified audio/moc: - update to moc-2.5.2 - mirror distfile as upstream master site tends to be flaky

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ changed archivers/woff2: update to woff2-1.0.2

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified audio/gradio: update to gradio-6.0.2

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified graphics/babl: Update to babl-0.1.38.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified sysutils/py-ghmi: update to py-ghmi-1.0.28

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified devel/ruby-deep_merge: update to ruby-deep_merge-1.2.1

RT @OpenBSD_src: visa@ modified sys/arch/octeon/dev: Move the packet input work requesting inside if_cnmac.c. This removes a layer of abstr…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified sysutils/awscli: Update to awscli-1.11.189.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified net/py-botocore: Update to py-botocore-1.7.47.

OpenBSD changes: 18/11/17 11:00 UTC 18/11 21:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified devel/pango: Update to pango-1.40.14.

RT @OpenBSD_src: eric@ modified usr.sbin/smtpd/smtp_session.c: merge the masquerade and missing domain header callbacks into one function.…

RT @OpenBSD_src: visa@ modified sys/arch/octeon/dev/if_cnmac.c: Pass the software context as an argument to the interrupt handler. This is…

RT @OpenBSD_src: visa@ modified sys/arch/octeon/dev/if_cnmac*: Rename octeon_eth_* to cnmac_* for consistency with the driver's name. This…

RT @OpenBSD_src: visa@ modified sys/arch/octeon: Add the board ID for the Ubiquiti Unifi Security Gateway. From Justin Hibbits, thanks!

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jsg@ modified sysutils/atf-allwinner: Update to pick up some commits that correct the way cores are powered on/off via P…

OpenBSD changes: 18/11/17 05:00 UTC 18/11 15:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jsg@ modified sysutils/raspberrypi-firmware: update to 1.20171029

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ccardenas@ modified geo/openbsd-developers: Redo my commit. Ok danj@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bcallah@ changed games/galois: Update galois to 0.5 -- workaround in grid.h is now the only code path, so remove patch.…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ modified a few things: Install an additional license file for the new athn firmware. ok sthen@

RT @OpenBSD_src: abieber@ modified sys/kern/kern_pledge.c: permit IPV6_V6ONLY in sockopt OK deraadt@

OpenBSD changes: 17/11/17 23:00 UTC 18/11 09:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ccardenas@ modified geo/openbsd-developers: Add information for ccardenas@

RT @OpenBSD_src: jca@ modified usr.sbin/pppd: Use explicit_bzero to erase secrets from Scott Cheloa, ok tb@

RT @OpenBSD_src: jca@ modified sys/net/if_gif.c: #if -> #ifdef for consistency ok visa@ as part of a larger diff

RT @OpenBSD_src: kettenis@ modified sys/dev/ofw/fdt.c: Make OF_getnodebyname() scan its child nodes instead of its peer nodes. This still d…

RT @OpenBSD_src: jmc@ modified share/man/man4/man4.*: add some missing markup; from artturi alm

RT @OpenBSD_www: benno@ modified faq/current.html: html is hard, lets go shopping. thanks tb@ for noticing

RT @OpenBSD_www: benno@ modified faq/current.html: ifconfig <if> deletetunnel replaced by -tunnel

RT @OpenBSD_ports: feinerer@ modified databases/py-pg_activity: Update to pg_activity 1.4.0

RT @OpenBSD_src: jca@ modified sys/net: Rename etherip sysctl handler, there's no conflict with ip_ether.c any more ok visa@ mpi@

RT @OpenBSD_src: jca@ modified sys/netinet/ip_ether.*: Add ifdef MPLS around all the MPLS-in-IP code ok visa@ mpi@

RT @OpenBSD_src: jca@ modified sys/net: Rename functions that now handle only MPLS-in-IP ok visa@ mpi@

RT @OpenBSD_src: benno@ modified sbin/ifconfig/ifconfig.*: replace the deletetunnel option with -tunnel ok bluhm@

OpenBSD changes: 17/11/17 17:00 UTC 18/11 03:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_src: helg@ modified lib/libfuse/fuse.c: Implement safe signal handling and handle unmount failure gracefully. ok mpi@

RT @OpenBSD_src: helg@ modified a few things: Fixes the following bugs when getcwd(3) is used on a fuse file system Endless loop if directo…

RT @OpenBSD_src: bluhm@ modified regress/sys/net/loop: Let packets jump between routing domains until the ttl is used up. Use tcpdump to ch…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jca@ modified devel/quilt/Makefile: CONFIGURE_STYLE=gnu is enough

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jca@ removed devel/quilt/patches/patch-Makefile_in: Kill empty patch

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jca@ modified devel/quilt: Drop the gettext module gettext-tools needed to install the .mo files. No direct lib/run dep…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jca@ changed devel/quilt: Update to quilt-0.65 ok kspillner@ (maintainer)

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified www/ruby-passenger/Makefile: drop gettext module, apparently unused

RT @OpenBSD_src: jca@ modified sys/net: Move etherip_allow where it is used While here, drop the declaration in headers, since the variable…

RT @OpenBSD_src: jca@ modified sys/netinet/ip_ether.c: Drop etheripstat use in ip_ether.c Those functions only handle MPLS-in-IP packets, i…

RT @OpenBSD_src: jca@ modified sys/netinet: Drop all Ethernet-in-IP support from gif(4) As a result, ip_ether.c now only deals with MPLS-in…

RT @OpenBSD_src: jca@ modified sys/net/if_etherip.c: Don't pass unhandled packets to gif(4) This was useful for the migration path, it's no…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified editors/xemacs21/stable/Makefile: replace gettext module

RT @OpenBSD_www: deraadt@ modified want.html: no longer need that

RT @OpenBSD_www: deraadt@ modified want.html: clarify a sentence

RT @OpenBSD_src: jca@ modified sys/net: Move etherip counters and their allocation to etherip(4) gif(4) now depends on etherip(4) but this…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified sysutils/terraform/provider-azurerm: Update to terraform-provider-azurerm-0.3.3.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified audio/pms/Makefile: missing bump

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ changed x11/gnome: Consistent USE_WXNEEDED annotations and drop uneeded patch.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome: Need to RDEP on x11/gnome/tracker-miners.

RT @OpenBSD_src: bluhm@ modified share/dict/web2: Add the word "software" to our dictionary to help passing the test of Sub::Attribute Perl…

OpenBSD changes: 17/11/17 11:00 UTC 17/11 21:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_src: bluhm@ modified regress/sys/net/Makefile: Link loopback test to build.

RT @OpenBSD_src: bluhm@ imported regress/sys/net/loop: Set up two loopback interfaces in different routing domains. Try to ping existing an…

RT @OpenBSD_src: nicm@ modified usr.bin/tmux/cmd-select-pane.c: Allow formats in selectp -T, from Thomas Adam.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified productivity/gnucash: Add OFX support, from Gregoire Jadi Add python bindings, req. from Gregoire as…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified sysutils/amazon-ssm-agent: Update to amazon-ssm-agent-

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified sysutils/awless: Update to awless-0.1.6.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: robert@ modified www/chromium: update to 62.0.3202.94

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified sysutils/awscli: Update to awscli-1.11.188.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified net/py-botocore: Update to py-botocore-1.7.46.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified sysutils/terraform/terraform: Update to terraform-0.11.0.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified textproc/libical/patches/patch-src_libicalss_CMakeLists_txt: Pushed upstream.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified databases/sharedance/Makefile: Missed bump.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: martijn@ modified lang/php: Remove WANTLIB-main from {5.6,7.0}/Makefile. This is already included in OK sth…

RT @OpenBSD_src: mlarkin@ modified sys/arch: vmmvar.h changes for upcoming cdrom support in vmd(8). Diff from carlos cardenas, thanks

OpenBSD changes: 17/11/17 05:00 UTC 17/11 15:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_src: dlg@ modified s*: add if_rxr_livelocked so rxr users can request backpressure themselves. right now the rx ring moderation…

RT @OpenBSD_src: naddy@ modified share/man/man5/ the COMPILER transition mechanism is gone

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified infrastructure/mk/ remove the backward-compatible COMPILER values as they are no longer…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified many things: switch COMPILER from the old, confusing shortcuts to the more explicit format; unclear whet…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified textproc/zathura/plugins/ switch COMPILER from the old, confusing shortcuts to the more exp…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified many things: switch COMPILER from the old, confusing shortcuts to the more explicit format

OpenBSD changes: 16/11/17 23:00 UTC 17/11 09:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified net/unifi: update to unifi 5.6.24 stable candidate - install snmp MIBs while there

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified net/zabbix: security and bugfix update to Zabbix 3.2.10, from Mark Patruck. http…

RT @OpenBSD_src: jmc@ modified share/man/man4/dwiic.4: fix SEE ALSO;

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified x11/gnome/devhelp/Makefile: Set USE_WXNEEDED = Yes. This prevents build-time failures because of a tempor…

RT @OpenBSD_www: feinerer@ modified want.html: SAS disks are no longer needed in Vienna, Austria. Remove entry on martin@'s request.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ changed many things: Remove xdmchoose. Since the ability to manage remote X11 servers has been stripped from xeno…

RT @OpenBSD_src: anton@ modified bin/csh/file.c: In revision 1.35 of file.c, tenex() was modified to respect the inputline_size argument bu…

RT @OpenBSD_src: anton@ modified bin/csh/file.c: Zap a redundant cast.

RT @OpenBSD_src: anton@ modified regress/bin/csh: Add a variable referencing the csh binary to test.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: martijn@ modified lang/php: s/php5/php/ for module comments OK sthen@

RT @OpenBSD_src: jcs@ changed s*: Add PCI attachment for dwiic(4) needed by Intel 100 Series machines ok kettenis

OpenBSD changes: 16/11/17 17:00 UTC 17/11 03:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bcallah@ modified devel/quirks: Register livestreamer and livestreamer-curses removal.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified graphics/xsane/Makefile: replace gettext module, sync wantlib; ok ajacoutot@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bcallah@ removed multimedia/livestreamer: Remove multimedia/livestreamer and multimedia/livestreamer-curses. You should…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bcallah@ modified multimedia/Makefile: -livestreamer -livestreamer-curses

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bcallah@ modified x11/worker: Update worker to 3.13.0 Add a TEST_DEPENDS (needs devel/check)

RT @OpenBSD_src: tb@ modified share/man/man4/netintro.4: sync struct ifreq with if.h. ifr_vnetid is now a proper member of struct ifreq and…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bcallah@ modified multimedia/streamlink: Update streamlink to 0.9.0 Changelog: Fix TEST_DEPENDS…

RT @OpenBSD_src: bluhm@ modified usr.sbin/relayd/parse.y: Check that http options are only configured in http protocols. OK benno@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified sysutils/awscli: Update to awscli-1.11.187.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified net/py-botocore: Update to py-botocore-1.7.45.

RT @OpenBSD_src: helg@ changed regress/lib/libfuse: Add regress tests for fuse_opt_parse() and fuse_parse_cmdline() ok mpi@

RT @OpenBSD_src: helg@ modified lib/libfuse/fuse_opt.c: Add support for: multiple options after -o. arguments that require options e.g. -p…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: OPENBSD_6_2 pea@ modified databases/postgresql: Security update to 9.6.6 ok awolk@

RT @OpenBSD_src: bluhm@ modified regress/lib/libpthread/pthread_once/Makefile: Disable the pthread_once subtest until the problem with samb…

RT @OpenBSD_src: nicm@ modified usr.bin/tmux: Add -and-cancel variants for scrolling commands to exit copy mode when the bottom is reached,…

RT @OpenBSD_src: krw@ modified sbin/fdisk/misc.c: Range check default values so that a range like '[1 - 0] [1]' can no longer return '1'. I…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified games/fifengine/Makefile: mark BROKEN-i386: std::bad_alloc when compiling fifePYTHON_wrap.cxx

OpenBSD changes: 16/11/17 11:00 UTC 16/11 21:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_src: tb@ modified lib/libc/stdio/vfwprintf.c: Add error checking to some calls to __find_arguments(). Matches similar changes b…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified e*: sync WANTLIB

RT @OpenBSD_ports: martijn@ modified lang/php: Remove 5.X specific remnants from Move the modules dropped in 7.0 to 5.6/Makef…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ modified security/burpsuite: update burpsuite to 1.7.28. Release Notes:

OpenBSD changes: 16/11/17 05:00 UTC 16/11 15:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kirby@ modified audio: drop gettext module OK sthen@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kirby@ modified audio/normalize: - drop gettext module - add RCS id tag to patches OK sthaen@ as a part of bigger diff

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kirby@ modified audio/ario: - drop gettext module - move RCS tags to on patches - regen PLIST OK sthen@ as a part of big…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kirby@ modified audio/calf/Makefile: - drop gettext module - switch HOMEPAGE and MASTERSITES to https - expoand COMPILER…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ modified fonts: Use consistent license marker for OFL 1.1 ports. Includes adding "1.1" to terminus/inconsolata/…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ modified fonts/linuxlibertine-fonts-*: These fonts are OFL 1.1, not OFL 1.0.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified graphics/gegl03: Update to gegl03-0.3.22.

OpenBSD changes: 15/11/17 23:00 UTC 16/11 09:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_src: kettenis@ modified libexec/ Tweak bitmask calculation to match i386 and avoid clang warning. ok t…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ changed net/bgpq3: update to bgpq3-0.1.33

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified many things: drop william@ as maintainer on his ports, per his request.

RT @OpenBSD_src: OPENBSD_6_2 benno@ modified etc/acme-client.conf: MFC, ok florian@ revision 1.5 date: 2017/11/15 12:22:45; author: florian…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ changed audio/oggtag: Update to oggtag-1.0.2, from Jan Stary, couple of tweaks from me and bentley@. Drop previou…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/tracker-miners: Update to tracker-miners-2.0.3.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/tracker: Update to meta-tracker-2.0.2.

RT @OpenBSD_src: nicm@ modified usr.bin/tmux: Add a common function for spreading out cells and use it for the two even layouts and to add…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified devel: sync WANTLIB

RT @OpenBSD_src: nicm@ modified usr.bin/tmux: Completely rewrite the reflow code to correctly handle double width characters (previously th…

RT @OpenBSD_src: nicm@ modified usr.bin/tmux/tty.c: If there is a double width character at the very end of the line with not enough room t…

RT @OpenBSD_src: benno@ modified usr.sbin/relayd: make the maximum size of http headers configurable in the protocol. ok bluhm@, >8k makes…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ modified security/nss: Update to nss 3.34, will be required by gecko 58. See

RT @OpenBSD_src: jca@ modified sys/net: etherip(4) now handles etherip sysctls, move/remove code accordingly. ok visa@ as part of a larger…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified audio/gradio: - update to gradio-6.0 - remove unneeded DISTNAME while here

RT @OpenBSD_src: jca@ modified sys/netinet/in_proto.c: Make etherip(4) the single driver responsible for etherip sysctl entries. One step n…

RT @OpenBSD_src: jca@ modified sys/netinet6/in6_proto.c: Remove inet6 etherip sysctl entries The INET6 entries are not needed, not document…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified graphics/c*: regen WANTLIB

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified audio: regen WANTLIB (and fix LIB_DEPENDS for gradio)

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ modified sysutils/supervisor: @sample the sample.conf into ${SYSCONFDIR}/supervisord.conf (referenced by the rc…

OpenBSD changes: 15/11/17 17:00 UTC 16/11 03:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified x11/gtk3mm/Makefile: regen WANTLIB; ok aja@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified security/sudo/Makefile: replace gettext module; ok millert@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified graphics/rawstudio/Makefile: drop gettext MODULES, switch to https homepage, sync WANTLIB, drop MAINTAIN…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified databases/iodbc: update to libiodbc-3.52.12

RT @OpenBSD_src: patrick@ modified sbin/iked/parse.y: Reset the OCSP URL on config reload. Otherwise we end up not being able to disable OC…

RT @OpenBSD_src: bluhm@ modified regress/sys/net/etherip/Makefile: Makefile cleanup, avoid DNS lookups, add copyright.

RT @OpenBSD_src: bluhm@ modified regress/sys/ffs/ffs/Makefile: Do not unconfigure vnd1, the test did not configure it.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: OPENBSD_6_2 sthen@ modified net/freeradius: update -stable to freeradius-2.2.10 (security fixes, see…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified net/freeradius: update net/freeradius to 2.2.10; note that 2.x is end of life, it is strongly recommende…

RT @OpenBSD_src: anton@ modified sys/dev/wscons/wsconsio.h: Remove unused compat macros. ok kettenis@ mpi@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified audio/openal: update to openal-1.17.2, from maintainer David Carlier (he has tested dep builds)

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified devel/py-cffi: update to py-cffi-1.10.0, hoping that it fixes a strange error that naddy@ ran into with…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified devel/harfbuzz: Update to harfbuzz-1.7.1.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified devel/harfbuzz: Update to harfbuzz-1.7.0.

RT @OpenBSD_src: florian@ modified etc/acme-client.conf: Update agreement URL; pointed out by sthen. OK benno, sthen

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ modified sys/netinet/ip_*: Unbreak ENCDEBUG kernels by declaring `encdebug' in ip_ipsp.h

OpenBSD changes: 15/11/17 11:00 UTC 15/11 21:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ modified devel/pudb: update pudb to 2017.1.4. ok brian@.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ modified fonts: Use a consistent post-install idiom for fonts rather than rewriting do-install. ok sthen@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ modified fonts: Use https for SIL homepages / master_sites.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ modified games/Makefile: +freedoom

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ imported games/freedoom: Import freedoom-0.11.3. Freedoom is a freely licensed game pack for the Doom engine, s…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ modified fonts/Makefile: +clearsans

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ imported fonts/clearsans: Import clearsans-1.00. Adopted by Mozilla for the Firefox for Android browser, Clear…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ modified devel/py-argcomplete: update argcomplete to 1.9.2. ok sthen@.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ modified archivers/Makefile: +deutex

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ imported archivers/deutex: Import deutex-5.1.0. DeuTex is a WAD file composer. It can do many things with Doom,…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ modified fonts/un-fonts: Fix distfile fetching, and update homepage.

OpenBSD changes: 15/11/17 05:00 UTC 15/11 15:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_src: djm@ modified usr.bin/ssh/ssh-agent.c: downgrade a couple more request parsing errors from process-fatal to just returning…

RT @OpenBSD_src: dlg@ modified share/man/man9/if_rxr_init.9: wrap some long lines for function prototypes with .Fo, .Fa, and .Fc. no functi…

RT @OpenBSD_src: dlg@ modified sys/net/if_media.h: some more 25g media types, and a bunch of AOC types. with tweaks from carlos cardenas an…

RT @OpenBSD_src: djm@ modified usr.bin/ssh/ssh-agent.c: fix regression in 7.6: failure to parse a signature request message shouldn't be fa…

OpenBSD changes: 14/11/17 23:00 UTC 15/11 09:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified databases/xapian-bindings/Makefile: Add new build dependency on py-sphinx. While here, explicitly speci…

RT @OpenBSD_src: sashan@ modified sbin/pfctl/parse.y: - nested anchors vs. pfctl/parse.y bug reported and fix tested by Leonardo Guardati O…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: fcambus@ modified net/libmaxminddb: Update libmaxminddb to 1.3.0.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified net/prosody/Makefile: missed with the luabitop -> lua-bitop renaming

RT @OpenBSD_src: claudio@ modified usr.sbin/bgpd/rde.c: Inverse logic, issue found by henning@. MPLS VPN is still broken though.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ changed www/seamonkey: Major update to seamonkey 2.49.1/lightning-seamonkey 5.4. See - n…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified audio/quodlibet: update to quodlibet-3.9.0

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified devel/Makefile: +py-faulthandler

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ imported devel/py-faulthandler: import devel/py-faulthandler, feedback/ok landry Fault handler for SIGSEGV, SIGFP…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified INDEX: sync, 9896

RT @OpenBSD_ports: fcambus@ modified comms/Makefile: Add qodem.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: fcambus@ imported comms/qodem: Import comms/qodem. Qodem is a from-scratch clone implementation of the Qmodem communicat…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: OPENBSD_6_2 landry@ changed www/mozilla-firefox: MFC: update to firefox 57.0 (codename quantum) See…

RT @OpenBSD_src: naddy@ modified etc/MAKEDEV.common: Remove /dev/arandom symlink. Nothing in base, xenocara, or ports uses /dev/arandom any…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: OPENBSD_6_2 landry@ modified www/firefox-esr: MFC: update to firefox-esr 52.5.0. See, fixes MFSA…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ modified www/firefox-esr: Update to firefox-esr 52.5.0. See Fixes MFSA2017-25, see https…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified math/graphviz/Makefile: replace gettext module, sync wantlib

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified x11/kde4/libs/Makefile: replace gettext module

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ changed www: Update to firefox 57.0 (codename quantum) See Fixes MFSA2017-24, see https:…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified x11/gnome/zenity: update to zenity-3.26.0

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bluhm@ modified telephony/p5-Net-SIP: update p5-Net-SIP to 0.811

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ modified sbin/dhclient/dhclient.c: Treat invalid server name as empty instead of declining the lease offered by such…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bcallah@ modified misc/sent: Update to sent-1; now uses farbfeld as an RDEP. Pick up MAINTAINER ok jung@ (previous MAINT…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified www/ruby-rack: Update to rack-2.0.3 Enable tests.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified www/ruby-sinatra: Update to sinatra-2.0.0

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified www/ruby-rack-protection: Update to rack-protection-2.0.0 Remove myself as MAINTAINER. Remove commented…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified devel/ruby-tilt: Update to tilt-2.0.8

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified textproc/ruby-ronn/Makefile: Drop unnecessary dependency on sinatra

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified www/ruby-rainbows: Update to rainbows-5.1.1 Fix HOMEPAGE.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified www/Makefile: Hookup ruby-mustermann

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ imported www/ruby-mustermann: Import mustermann-1.0.1 Given a string pattern, Mustermann will turn it into an ob…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ changed www/nginx: Add headers_more subpackage This allows you to set and clear headers in addition to just addi…

OpenBSD changes: 14/11/17 17:00 UTC 15/11 03:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bcallah@ modified devel/py-cloudpickle: Simple update to py-cloudpickle to 0.5.1 -- its one consumer (devel/py-doit) is…

RT @OpenBSD_src: tb@ modified sys: Push the NET_LOCK into ifioctl() and use the NET_RLOCK in ifioctl_get(). In particular, this allows SIOC…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ modified databases/py-whisper: update to 1.0.2. ok benoit@.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bcallah@ modified x11/xpad: Update to xpad-5.0.0, while here, rearrange the Makefile to be more in-line with Makefile.te…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified net/icinga/web2-module-director: update to icinga-web2-module-director-1.4.2

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ modified security/qca: Install crypto.prf in the qt4 mkspecs/features dir as expected, not in ${LOCALBASE}/mkspe…

RT @OpenBSD_src: bluhm@ modified regress/sys/netinet6/frag6/Makefile: Add more checks helping to set up the test environment.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bcallah@ modified devel/quirks: Register luabitop removal. ok kirby@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bcallah@ removed devel/luabitop: Remove devel/luabitop. Use devel/lua-bitop instead. ok kirby@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bcallah@ modified devel/Makefile: Unlink devel/luabitop and devel/luabitop,lua52

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bcallah@ modified editors/neovim/Makefile: Switch a dependency from devel/luabitop to devel/lua-bitop and bump. ok kirby@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bcallah@ modified devel/lua-bitop: Merge devel/lua-bitop and devel/luabitop into devel/lua-bitop. It was two packages of…

RT @OpenBSD_src: bluhm@ modified sys/netinet6/frag6.c: Put the net lock around frag6_freef() as it sends ICMP6 error messages. Splassert wa…

RT @OpenBSD_src: visa@ modified sys/kern/subr_witness.c: Fix the initial check of the checkorder and lock operations so that statically ini…

RT @OpenBSD_src: fcambus@ modified sys/arch/amd64/amd64/via.c: Add sizes for free() in the VIA PadLock driver. OK mikeb@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified devel/re2c: update to re2c-1.0.3

RT @OpenBSD_src: anton@ modified sys/dev/pckbc/pms.c: Detect touchpad reset announcements. On rare occasions, the touchpad is reset due to…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/shell/Makefile: No need to include; ok jasper@ While here, drop MA…

RT @OpenBSD_src: anton@ modified sys/dev/pckbc/pms.c: Print out the offending data causing pms sync to fail. ok bru@, mpi@ (as part of a la…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified lang/php: Remove stale parts to support php <5.6. Part of a larger diff from martijn@. "go ahead" martij…

OpenBSD changes: 14/11/17 11:00 UTC 14/11 21:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified www/chromium/Makefile: Move ONLY_FOR_ARCHS before .include <>

RT @OpenBSD_src: kettenis@ modified sys/dev/acpi/acpi.c: Add a few more PNP IDs to the skip lists. ok deraadt@, mpi@

RT @OpenBSD_src: kettenis@ modified share/mk/ Set soname when building shared libraries. ok guenther@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: pascal@ removed net/arm: Remove arm, reminded by jasper@.

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ modified sys/netinet/i*: Introduce ipsec_sysctl() and move IPsec tunables where they belong. ok bluhm@, visa@

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ modified usr.bin/ctf*: Verify that every section header lies within the mapped file. Pointed out by Mark Johnston, Ma…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/nautilus: Update to nautilus-3.26.2.

RT @OpenBSD_src: dlg@ modified sys/net/ifq.*: anton@ reports that ifq tx mitigation breaks iwm somehow. back it out until i can figure the…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/dbus: Update to dbus-1.12.2.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ modified devel/py-cparser: update py-cparser to 2.18. ok benoit@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ modified security/py-dfwinreg: update py-dfwinreg to 20170706 and take maintainership. ok and inputs benoit@.

RT @OpenBSD_src: dlg@ changed sys: remove MALLOC_DEBUG the code has rotted, and obviously hasnt been used for ages. it is also hard to make…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified emulators/mednafen: Update to mednafen-0.9.48.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ modified databases/py-sqlparse: update sqlparse to 0.2.4. ok benoit@.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ modified multimedia/Makefile: +assimp

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ imported multimedia/assimp: Import assimp-4.0.1. Open Asset Import Library (short name: Assimp) is a portable O…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: stu@ modified databases/sqlite3-tcl/Makefile: Tidy Makefile.

OpenBSD changes: 14/11/17 05:00 UTC 14/11 15:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_src: dlg@ modified sys/net/if*: move the adding of an ifqs counters in if_getdata to ifq.c this keeps the knowledge of ifq lock…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ removed many things: Remove pure ruby gem ports that haven't been updated in 7 years. These ports in general hav…

RT @OpenBSD_src: djm@ modified usr.bin/ssh/sshd.c: fix problem in configuration parsing when in config dump mode (sshd -T) without providin…

RT @OpenBSD_src: dlg@ modified sys/net/ifq.*: reintroduce tx mitigation, like dfly does and like we used to do. this replaces ifq_start wit…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified many things: Unlink old pure ruby gem ports not updated in last seven years.

RT @OpenBSD_src: dlg@ modified s*: add taskq_barrier taskq_barrier guarantees that any task that was running on the taskq has finished by t…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ changed many things: Update to xapian 1.4.5. Enable ruby bindings. Perl bindings have been renamed from Search/X…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: steven@ changed lang/gcc/6: fix quoting issue in installed libtool library (same as in gcc 4.9) reminder by brad@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified databases/ruby-mysql2: Update to mysql2-0.4.9

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ changed databases/ruby-tiny_tds: Update to tiny_tds-2.1.0. Drop now unneeded patches.

OpenBSD changes: 13/11/17 23:00 UTC 14/11 09:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ changed comms/c3270: Update to c3270 3.5ga11 Help from sthen@

RT @OpenBSD_src: kettenis@ modified sys: Add support for the i2c controller variant found on the Allwinner A31 and above and enable the dri…

RT @OpenBSD_src: kettenis@ modified sys/dev/fdt/sxiccmu_clocks.h: Add i2c-related clocks for Allwinner H3/H5/A64. From Artturi Alm. Tested…

RT @OpenBSD_src: krw@ modified sbin/fdisk/cmd.c: Constrain MBR partition offsets to 0 .. disk.size - 1. Issue reported by Alexi Malinin via…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ modified devel/Makefile: + SUBDIR += py-minimock,python3

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ modified devel/py-minimock: add python3 flavor to minimock. ok sthen@.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ changed devel/py-sip: Fix so that it returns the correct sip_bin value when built against python3.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rsadowski@ modified productivity/homebank: Update homebank to 5.1.6 ok pea@ (maintainer)

RT @OpenBSD_ports: steven@ modified sysutils/Makefile: +xbattmon

RT @OpenBSD_ports: steven@ imported sysutils/xbattmon: import xbattmon 1.1 xbattmon draws a colorized bar on any edge of the screen to indi…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: danj@ modified databases/postgresql/patches/patch-src_*: regen patches ok sthen@

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ modified sys/net/pfkeyv2.c: Grab the KERNEL_LOCK() to iterate on the global list of PF_KEY sockets. It isn't safe to…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified net/freeradius/Makefile: * replace gettext module * fix a strident Perl warning in post-install * remove…

OpenBSD changes: 13/11/17 17:00 UTC 14/11 03:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: pea@ modified databases/postgresql: Security update to 9.6.6 ok awolk@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified multimedia/ogmrip/Makefile: replace gettext module, sync wantlib; ok pascal@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bcallah@ modified sysutils/entr: Update entr to 3.9 From Klemens Nanni <kl3 AT posteo DOT org>, ok Eric Radman (MAINTAIN…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified net/icinga/core2: update to icinga2-2.7.2

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified print/lilypond: * replace gettext module * sync wantlib * adjust plists ok kili@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified a couple things: replace gettext module; ok sthen@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified mail/maildrop/Makefile: replace gettext module; ok giovanni@

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ modified sys/net/if_gif.c: Remove useless comment about if_ioctl() & reduce grep noise.

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ modified sys/sys/systm.h: Do not call splassert_fail() if splassert_ctl is <= 0. This matches splassert(9)s behavior…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: pascal@ modified devel/quirks: arm -> nyx

RT @OpenBSD_ports: pascal@ modified net/Makefile: + nyx - arm

RT @OpenBSD_ports: pascal@ imported net/nyx: Import net/nyx, replacement for net/arm. feedback sthen@/danj@, OK danj@. Nyx is a command-lin…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: espie@ modified infrastructure/mk: allow better integration of ports tree with dpb. if PORTS_PRIVSEP=Yes, use FETCH_USER…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: espie@ modified infrastructure/lib/DPB: prepare dpb for better ports tree integration: if we got started as root, we're…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kevlo@ changed many things: Update to 0.5.1 and take maintainership of chinese/libchewing. ok sthen@

RT @OpenBSD_src: nicm@ modified usr.bin/tmux/window-copy.c: When searching in copy mode, do not scroll if the result is already on screen.…

RT @OpenBSD_src: henning@ modified s*: add a generic packet rate matching filter. allows things like pass in proto icmp max-pkt-rate 100/10…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ modified games/chocolate-doom/Makefile: Switch homepage/master_sites to https.

OpenBSD changes: 13/11/17 11:00 UTC 13/11 21:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_src: kettenis@ modified sys/dev/fdt/sxipio.c: Newer Allwinner SoCs (H3/H4/A64) use an "unconfigured" default state. Recognize t…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ changed devel/llvm: [Sparc] efficient pattern for UINT_TO_FP conversion from Brad (maintainer)

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified www/lighttpd: Update to lighttpd-1.4.48. from Brad (maintainer)

RT @OpenBSD_ports: steven@ modified math/py-numpy/Makefile: bump after lapack update, switch to gfortran ok pirofti@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: remi@ modified textproc/p5-Mojolicious-Plugin-TtRenderer: update to version 1.59 required by p5-Mojo update inputs from…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: remi@ modified www/p5-Mojo: update to p5-Mojolicious-7.52 with inputs from Mark Patruck ok Mark Patruck (maintainer), jc…

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ modified sys/netinet6/frag6.c: Remove 18 year old #if 0. ok visa@, benno@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: steven@ modified audio/cmu-sphinxbase/Makefile: bump after lapack update, switch to gfortran ok pirofti@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: steven@ modified math/octave/Makefile: bump after lapack update, switch to gfortran ok pirofti@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: steven@ modified math/suitesparse: bump after lapack update, switch to gfortran ok pirofti@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: steven@ changed math/arpack: bump after lapack update, switch to gfortran ok pirofti@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: steven@ modified math/cblas: bump after blas update, switch to gfortran ok pirofti@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: steven@ modified math/lapack: update to 3.7.1 ok pirofti@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: steven@ modified math/blas: update to 3.7.1 ok pirofti@

RT @OpenBSD_www: tb@ modified books.html: apue 3rd edition appeared way back in 2013. diff from mazo comp

OpenBSD changes: 13/11/17 05:00 UTC 13/11 15:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_src: dlg@ modified sys/net/pf.c: remove the ability for pf_ouraddr to say that a packet is forwarded. having pf_ouraddr say a p…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: steven@ changed lang/gcc/4.9: fix quoting issue in installed libtool library ok pascal@

OpenBSD changes: 12/11/17 23:00 UTC 13/11 09:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ modified games/warzone2100/Makefile: Switch homepage to https.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified mail/claws-mail/Makefile: replace gettext module, sync wantlib; ok danj@

RT @OpenBSD_src: tb@ modified etc/netstart: Remove HN_DIR variable and expand it in the only place it was used. It currently serves no purp…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified x11/fvwm2/Makefile: replace gettext module, sync wantlib

RT @OpenBSD_ports: danj@ removed net/stem: remove stem, it's now py-stem

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified geo/gdal/Makefile: replace gettext module; ok landry@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: danj@ modified devel/quirks: stem is now py-stem

RT @OpenBSD_ports: danj@ modified net/Makefile: + py-stem + py-stem - stem

RT @OpenBSD_ports: danj@ imported net/py-stem: Import py-stem. This rename our current net/stem ports and add a py3 flavour. Work done by a…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rsadowski@ modified print/lyx: Update lyx from 2.2.0 to 2.2.3 Notable ports changes: - switch homepage to https - reorde…

RT @OpenBSD_www: landry@ modified want.html: better specs now that i looked deeper..

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rsadowski@ modified editors/abiword/Makefile: sync WANTLIB; add Xtst ok ajacoutot@

RT @OpenBSD_xenocar: matthieu@ modified app/xenodm/xenodm: xdm -> xenodm in log and error messages

OpenBSD changes: 12/11/17 17:00 UTC 13/11 03:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bcallah@ modified textproc/mdp: Update to mdp-1.0.10 From Klemens Nanni <kl3 AT posteo DOT org> -- thanks! improve insta…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bcallah@ modified sysutils/dfc: Update to dfc-3.1.1 From Klemens Nanni <kl3 AT posteo DOT org> -- thanks!

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified a couple things: replace gettext module; ok ajacoutot@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified many things: replace gettext module

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ changed x11/gnome/recipes: update to gnome-recipes-2.0.2

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ modified sys/net: Only use a single taskq to process incoming network packets as soon as IPsec is enabled. This is cu…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: fcambus@ changed productivity/calcurse: Update calcurse to 4.3.0. Notable changes: - Use the Python module - Patch sheba…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified sysutils/borgmatic: update to borgmatic-1.1.11

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified sysutils/borgbackup: update to borgbackup-1.1.2 from Bjorn Ketelaars (MAINTAINER)

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified devel/quirks: Register gtkhtml4 removal.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ changed www: Remove: unmaintained, nothing uses it anymore.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified mail/evolution-rss/Makefile: www/gtkhtml4 is about to get removed, so regen DEPENDS/WANTLIB in prepa…

RT @OpenBSD_src: krw@ modified sbin/dhclient/dhclient.c: Clone epoch value in clone_lease(), not manually.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified graphics/babl: Update to babl-0.1.36.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome: Pushed upstream.

OpenBSD changes: 12/11/17 11:00 UTC 12/11 21:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kirby@ modified www/httrack/Makefile: - add MASTER_SITES for old versions - switch MASTER_SITES to https

RT @OpenBSD_www: deraadt@ changed a couple things: bsdtw is over

RT @OpenBSD_ports: benoit@ modified devel/p5-String-CRC32: Update to p5-String-CRC32-1.6.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kirby@ modified games/abuse/Makefile: mirror distfile

OpenBSD changes: 12/11/17 05:00 UTC 12/11 15:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ modified emulators/openmsx/Makefile: No need to SUBST_CMD a file we no longer patch.

OpenBSD changes: 11/11/17 23:00 UTC 12/11 09:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified devel/meson: Write an shared_libs.log file like libtool(1) does.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified devel/libgsf: Update to libgsf-1.14.42.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified audio/libogg: Update to 1.3.3: Fix an issue with corrupt continued packet handling.

RT @OpenBSD_xenocar: matthieu@ modified driver/xf86-input-acecad/src/acecad.c: xf86-input-acecad: adapt to latest xserver input driver API.

OpenBSD changes: 11/11/17 17:00 UTC 12/11 03:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_www: tb@ modified errata28.html: fix ugly whitespace

RT @OpenBSD_www: tb@ modified many things: fix significant whitespace and convert some multiline <tt> to <pre>

RT @OpenBSD_www: tb@ modified lyrics.html: move a link to https

RT @OpenBSD_www: tb@ modified faq/ports/guide.html: avoid unfortunate linebreaks inside <tt> with whitespace:pre. from stephane huc

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified telephony/asterisk: update to Asterisk 13.18.2

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/calendar: Tweak patch and add BZ URL.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified textproc/libical/patches/patch-src_libical_icaltimezone_c: Extend comment.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ changed x11/gnome/todo: Merge libical >= 3.0.0 from upstream.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ added textproc/libical/patches/patch-src_libicalss_CMakeLists_txt: Extend add_dependencies() so we don't star…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: espie@ modified infrastructure/bin/proot: if we user a non-standard builduser/fetchuser, mark that in mk.conf also deal…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ changed security/lastpass-cli: update to lastpass-cli-1.2.2, from maintainer Björn Ketelaars

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ modified security/yara: update yara to 3.7.0. ok benoit@.

RT @OpenBSD_src: espie@ modified usr.bin/m4/eval.c: replace sloppy parsing of numeric values with strtonum (incr, decr, divert) still use i…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified sysutils/monit/Makefile: Caspar also takes maintainership

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kirby@ modified games/tome4: - remove bogus line from Makefile - switch HOMEPAGE to https - add RCS id to patch

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kirby@ modified www/pnp4nagios: add RRD section to README

RT @OpenBSD_ports: steven@ modified devel/quirks: register removal of gnuvd

RT @OpenBSD_ports: steven@ changed textproc: remove gnuvd, no longer working and looks unmaintained since 5 years. ok sthen@ ajacoutot@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ changed www/owncloud: httpd-owncloud.conf -> apache-httpd-owncloud.conf for clarity. Remove bogus patches. Re…

OpenBSD changes: 11/11/17 11:00 UTC 11/11 21:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified sysutils/awscli: Update to awscli-1.11.185.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified net/py-botocore: Update to py-botocore-1.7.43.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: feinerer@ modified www/buku: Update to buku 3.5

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ changed sysutils/screenfetch: Pull in upstream commit to fix RAM output.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ updated cvs/ports/sysutils/screenfetch/patches: Directory /cvs/ports/sysutils/screenfetch/patches added to the…

RT @OpenBSD_src: jmc@ modified usr.sbin/vmd/vm.conf.5: reads better as *an* rdomain, i think;

OpenBSD changes: 11/11/17 05:00 UTC 11/11 15:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: gonzalo@ modified www/aria2: Little update for Aria2 to 1.33.1: OK benoit@

RT @OpenBSD_src: mlarkin@ changed regress/usr.sbin/vmd/config: regress tests to match previous switch handling in vmd update. diff from car…

RT @OpenBSD_src: mlarkin@ modified many things: update switch handling in vmd(8). vmd now gets switch information (rdomain, etc) from under…

RT @OpenBSD_src: mlarkin@ modified sys/scsi/scsi_debug.h: Fix a broken compilation when using SCSIDEBUG options(4). Diff from Carlos Carden…

RT @OpenBSD_src: naddy@ modified a couple things including regression tests: replace last instances of /dev/arandom with /dev/urandom

RT @OpenBSD_src: jca@ modified usr.bin/mandoc: Be less assertive when warning about a possible typo. ok schwarze@ "good compromise" jmc@

OpenBSD changes: 10/11/17 23:00 UTC 11/11 09:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: pvk@ modified www/kibana: update to kibana-5.6.4

RT @OpenBSD_ports: pvk@ modified sysutils/riemann: update to riemann-0.2.14, ok landry@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: steven@ changed sysutils/syslog-ng: update to 3.12.1

RT @OpenBSD_ports: pvk@ modified sysutils/rancid: update to rancid-3.7, ok steven@ landry@

RT @OpenBSD_www: schwarze@ modified faq/ports/guide.html: typo; from Stephane Huc via misc@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified sysutils/monit: update to monit-5.25.0 from Caspar Schutijser

RT @OpenBSD_ports: danj@ modified sysutils/duplicity: Update to duplicity-0.7.14

RT @OpenBSD_ports: danj@ modified textproc/py-sphinx_guzzle_theme/Makefile: Fix maintainer address. From Bjorn Ketelaars (maintainer)

RT @OpenBSD_ports: danj@ modified www/py-genshi: remove conflicts when installing both py2 and py3 From semarie

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jca@ modified meta/xfce: http -> https ok landry@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ modified meta/xfce: README tweaks, from Scott Bennett, ok tb@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-mmorph/Makefile: Another missing dependency on devel/hs-mtl. Noticed by aja@ and naddy@.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kirby@ modified comms/py-gammu: update to python-gammu-2.10 to fix compatibility with latest gammu

RT @OpenBSD_src: martijn@ modified usr.bin/vi/common: When tracing is compiled in make sure it flushes its content to disk as soon as the T…

RT @OpenBSD_src: martijn@ modified usr.bin/vi/common/recover.c: Fix a use after free when sending SIGHUP or SIGTERM to vi when in editing m…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified graphics/shotwell: Update to shotwell-0.26.4.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ changed x11/gnome/session: Pushed upstream.

RT @OpenBSD_src: sunil@ modified sys/lib/libsa/softraid.c: "unknown KDF type 2" -> "keydisk not found". Inputs and ok jsing@.

OpenBSD changes: 10/11/17 17:00 UTC 11/11 03:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified net/dnscrypt-proxy: - update dnscrypt-proxy readme following discussions with tj and Vinícius Zavam -…

RT @OpenBSD_src: millert@ modified usr.bin/vi/common/recover.c: Add rcv_openat() function that does the open, makes sure it is a regular fi…

RT @OpenBSD_src: millert@ modified usr.bin/vi/common/recover.c: Avoid using system(3) when running "sendmail -t". We already have the recov…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: OPENBSD_6_2 ajacoutot@ modified www/webkitgtk4: SECURITY update to webkitgtk4-2.18.3. CVE-2017-13798, CVE-2017-13788, CV…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified www/webkitgtk4: SECURITY update to webkitgtk4-2.18.3.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified print/cups: Better patch from upstream.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/seahorse-nautilus: Unbreak after gnupg2 update.

RT @OpenBSD_www: tb@ modified faq/ports/guide.html: add missing markup from stephane huc, thanks

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified net/grake/Makefile: missing RUN_DEPENDS

RT @OpenBSD_ports: abieber@ modified games/ioquake3: Bump to latest. Full change log here: OK awolk@ after many fra…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ removed emulators/openmsx/patches/patch-build_python-search_sh: this patch is no longer needed (no pkg change)

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified print/cups: On OpenBSD, getgrouplist(3) overwrites the group structure which prevented users part of…

RT @OpenBSD_src: espie@ modified usr.bin/mandoc/term_ps.c: streamline termp allocation. this will allow the init function to do things diff…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/keyring: Update to gnome-keyring-3.27.2. While this is a development version, it contains…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: fcambus@ modified net/packetq: Update packetq to 1.4.1.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: fcambus@ modified x11/wmtz/Makefile: Fix broken HOMEPAGE and MASTER_SITES.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified audio/exaile/patches/patch-*: remove two hunks that are no longer needed

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified devel/py-mox/Makefile: use MODPY_ADJ_FILES

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified fonts/zh-bg5ps: use MODPY_ADJ_FILES

OpenBSD changes: 10/11/17 11:00 UTC 10/11 21:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified a few things: use ${MODPY_WANTLIB}

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/builder: Re-introduce support for gobject-introspection and vala by using a wrapper to g-i…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified graphics/gdcm: update to gdcm-2.8.4

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ modified sys: Introduce a reader version of the NET_LOCK(). This will be used to first allow read-only ioctl(2) to be…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ changed x11/gnome/session: Proper patch for our lack of rpmatch(3).

RT @OpenBSD_ports: pascal@ removed graphics/blender/patches/patch-intern_cycles_bvh_bvh_build_cpp: remove unused patch

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/seahorse-sharing/patches/patch-configure: BZ URL.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/libcryptui/patches/patch-configure: BZ URL.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified devel/appstream-glib: Update to appstream-glib-0.7.4.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/builder: Grrr, revert previous, it looks like meson(1) passes LDFLAGS randomly.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified infrastructure/db/ Enable fp_cv_const_EBADMSG and fp_cv_const_EPROTO now that we have pr…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/seahorse-sharing: Unbreak after gnupg2 update.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ changed x11/gnome/seahorse: Unbreak after gnupg2 update.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/libcryptui: Unbreak after gnupg2 update.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: benoit@ modified devel/p5-Sub-Quote: Update to p5-Sub-Quote-2.004000.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ modified security/oledump: update oledump to 0.0.30.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: benoit@ modified devel/p5-Class-Mix: Update to p5-Class-Mix-0.006.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: benoit@ modified devel/p5-Algorithm-Permute: Update to p5-Algorithm-Permute-0.16.

OpenBSD changes: 10/11/17 05:00 UTC 10/11 15:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_src: visa@ modified sys/net: Use percpu counters with etheripstat. Input and OK jca@, OK florian@

RT @OpenBSD_src: nicm@ modified usr.bin/tmux/window.c: If we successfully change the directory, set PWD too to give the shell a hint in cas…

OpenBSD changes: 09/11/17 23:00 UTC 10/11 09:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified mail/postfix/stable: update to postfix-3.2.4, from Brad

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified mail/rspamd: update to rspamd-1.6.5, from Brad

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-constraints/Makefile: Missing dependency devel/hs-mtl. Found by aja@ when building devel/hs-lift…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ modified sysutils/py-tsk: update py-tsk to 20171108. ok benoit@.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ modified security/py-artifacts: update artifacts to 20171107. ok benoit@.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ removed a couple things: remove empty patch files

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ removed archivers/snappy/patches/patch-Makefile_am: be gone

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ modified many things: Fix some WANTLIB after nss dependency change (sometimes, just remove unneeded softokn3, so…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: juanfra@ changed devel/mercurial: SECURITY update. No CVE. Changes backported from 4.4.1. "It is possible that a special…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: OPENBSD_6_2 juanfra@ changed devel/mercurial: SECURITY update. No CVE. Update to 4.3.3 + changes backported from 4.4.1.…

RT @OpenBSD_src: schwarze@ modified gnu/usr.bin/cvs/man/rcs2log.1: Use the proper macros in AUTHORS, and delete the bogus BUGS section. Rep…

RT @OpenBSD_xenocar: schwarze@ modified app/xidle/xidle.1: use the proper macros in the AUTHORS section

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bcallah@ modified textproc/nfoview: Update nfoview to 1.23 Drops intltool dependency. Change my email address to my @ope…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified comms/xlog/Makefile: mirror distfile for one of the pool members doesn't carry it (yet?) spotted by aja@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ modified databases/sqlite3: Update to sqlite 3.21.0. See for changes. Tested in a bulk b…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ changed security/nss: Instead of providing old versions of nss-config & nss.pc shoplifted ages ago from Debian,…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ changed x11/kde4/plasma-addons: Fix build with Qwt6 - reported by ajacoutot@, was missed all this time because o…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: espie@ modified devel/quirks: a pkgpath is not enough, allow pkg_add to find qdirstat as a replacement for kdirstat

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified textproc/hs-HaXml/Makefile: Miss bump.

RT @OpenBSD_src: jmc@ modified sbin/dhclient/dhclient.leases.5: tweak previous;

RT @OpenBSD_ports: pascal@ modified graphics/blender: Update to blender 2.79.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ changed many things: Drop uneeded patches, CFLAGS, chunks now that we have proper definitions for EPROTO and…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified devel/hs-test-framework/Makefile: Miss bump after RUN_DEPENDS change.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: pascal@ modified net/stem: Update to stem 1.6.0.

OpenBSD changes: 09/11/17 17:00 UTC 10/11 03:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: pascal@ modified games/openmw/Makefile: Switch to Qt5 following OSG update.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: pascal@ modified graphics/openscenegraph: Update to 3.4.1; switch to Qt5 and enable GDAL module. requested by/ok landry@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: OPENBSD_6_2 sthen@ modified mail/roundcubemail: security update to roundcubemail-1.3.3: "Apparently this zero-day exploi…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified mail/roundcubemail: security update to roundcubemail-1.3.3: "Apparently this zero-day exploit is already…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: awolk@ changed games/yquake2: games/yquake2 7.01 => 7.02 OK abieber@ Port changes: - bump version - everything now lives…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified devel/flawfinder: update to flawfinder-2.0.4

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified comms/xlog: update to xlog-2.0.15

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified x11/kde4/kstars/Makefile: sync WANTLIB

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ modified devel/radare2/main/Makefile: correct capstone path. ok edd@.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified astro/wcslib: update to wcslib-5.17

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ changed x11/gnome/initial-setup: Add a few fixes from upstream.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified sysutils/terraform/provider-heroku: Update to terraform-provider-heroku-0.1.1.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified archivers/snappy: update to snappy-1.1.7

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified archivers/libmspack: update to libmspack-0.6alpha

RT @OpenBSD_src: ajacoutot@ modified usr.sbin/syspatch/ /usr/share/compile -> /usr/share/relink/kernel from semarie I meant to…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified net/unifi: update to UniFi 5.6.23 stable candidate

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ modified games/megaglest: Use HTTPS homepage.

RT @OpenBSD_src: krw@ modified sbin/dhclient: Use lease 'epoch' (time lease was acquired) to calculate timers for renew/rebind/expiry. Trea…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ modified mail/greyscanner/Makefile: Update moved homepage/master_sites. Broken links reported by Jan Stary.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: edd@ changed security/gnupg2: Update security/gnupg2 to 2.2.1. Includes a fix to stop gpg-agent from hanging when run un…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ modified devel/bzr/Makefile: Update homepage, use https master_sites.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ modified www/dillo/Makefile: Use HTTPS for homepage/master_sites.

RT @OpenBSD_src: tb@ modified etc/rc: kill trailing whitespace introduced in previous commit

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified graphics/py-cairo: Update to py-cairo-1.15.4.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified sysutils/awscli: Update to awscli-1.11.184.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified net/py-botocore: Update to py-botocore-1.7.42.

OpenBSD changes: 09/11/17 11:00 UTC 09/11 21:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified lang/vala: update to vala-0.38.3

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ changed x11/gnome/eog: update to eog-3.26.2

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jca@ modified lang/python/2.7/patches/patch-Makefile_pre_in: Add missing make dep, to allow builds with MAKE_JOBS >= 2 i…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified databases/py-psycopg2: update to psycopg2- ok shadchin@ (MAINTAINER)

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/builder: Workaround the graphics/gd colision using MODGNOME_LDFLAGS. Bring back gobject-in…

RT @OpenBSD_src: tb@ modified sys/net/if.*: The cmd argument of ifconf() has been unused since COMPAT_LINUX was purged. Remove it and move…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-sandi/Makefile: Mark as broken for now -- dependency textproc/hs-stringsearch is still missing.…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/builder: Disable gobject-introspection and vala to prevent the graphics/gd bug for now.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/builder/Makefile: Add an XXX that this ports fails to build if graphics/gd is installed. F…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ modified textproc/uncrustify: update uncrustify to 0.66. ok benoit@.

OpenBSD changes: 09/11/17 05:00 UTC 09/11 15:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_src: visa@ modified sys/arch/octeon/dev/octmmc.c: Synchronize command initiation, event wait, and interrupt handling using a mu…

RT @OpenBSD_www: visa@ modified octeon.html: The switch ports do not work on the EdgeRouter PoE.

OpenBSD changes: 08/11/17 23:00 UTC 09/11 09:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: fcambus@ modified www/Makefile: Add newsboat.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: fcambus@ imported www/newsboat: Import www/newsboat. Newsboat is a fork of Newsbeuter, an RSS/Atom feed reader for text…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: fcambus@ modified games/xjewel/Makefile: Fix MASTER_SITES.

RT @OpenBSD_src: bluhm@ modified regress/sys/kern/sosplice: Wait for the splicing syscall by grepping it in the relay log. This ensures tha…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified lang/ghc/Makefile: Re-enable lang/ghc. package builders: feel free to mark it as broken again if it trigg…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: fcambus@ modified x11/lupe/Makefile: Fix broken HOMEPAGE and MASTER_SITES.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: danj@ changed x11/i3: Fix toggle splith/splitv from upstream ok dcoppa@ (maintainer)

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ modified security/Makefile: + SUBDIR += origami

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ imported security/origami: import origami, tool generally used to analyze (malicious) PDF documents. thanks fo…

RT @OpenBSD_src: bluhm@ modified sys/netinet/tcp_input.c: The TF_BLOCKOUTPUT flag is set around all sorwakeup() and sowwakeup() calls in tc…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified security/Makefile: Hook new haskell ports to the build.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/quirks: Register removal of some haskell ports.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ removed devel/hs-aeson: Remove hs-aeson.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/Makefile: Unhook hs-aeson.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ removed graphics/hs-*: Remove hs-GLURaw, hs-GLUT, hs-OpenGL, hs-OpenGLRaw.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified graphics/Makefile: Unhook hs-GLURaw, hs-GLUT, hs-OpenGL, hs-OpenGLRaw.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ changed devel/darcs: Update to darcs-2.12.5. The 'show dependencies' sub command is disabled for now, because it r…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-shelly: Update to hs-shelly-

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-sandi: Update to hs-sandi-0.4.1.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-conduit: Update to hs-conduit-

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified databases/hs-resource-pool/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified databases/hs-postgresql-libpq/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified databases/hs-hedis/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-test-framework-quickcheck2/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-test-framework-hunit/Makefile: Missed bump.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-test-framework-hunit/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ changed devel/hs-test-framework: Update package key. Tweak dependencies.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ updated cvs/ports/devel/hs-test-framework/patches: Directory /cvs/ports/devel/hs-test-framework/patches added to t…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ changed devel/libsigsegv: update to libsigsegv-2.11 tested in a bulk by and ok aja@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ changed textproc/xpdf: Switch back to xpdf-3.04 until printing works again. Too many people suffered from it, and…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ changed lang/libv8: patch to fix libv8 build on i386, from David CARLIER (maintainer)

RT @OpenBSD_src: visa@ modified sbin/ping/ping.c: Add a type cast to force signed comparison. This fixes a loop termination issue that can…

RT @OpenBSD_src: patrick@ modified sbin/iked/iked.c: Do not accept superfluous arguments. From Klemens Nanni. ok markus@

OpenBSD changes: 08/11/17 17:00 UTC 09/11 03:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_src: visa@ modified sys/netinet: Make {ah,esp,ipcomp}stat use percpu counters. OK bluhm@, mpi@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified devel/quirks: register pep8 removal

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ changed devel: remove pep8, it's been renamed to pycodestyle which is functionally equivalent. see upstream http…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified devel/py-gobject3/Makefile: pep8 is spelled "pycodestyle" ok aja@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified net/py-libcloud/Makefile: remove devel/pep8 from TEST_DEPENDS for it's not used ok aja@ (MAINTAINER)

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ changed devel/libgtop2: neuter all kvm(3) calls until a proper fix is found. this allows gnome-system-monitor to…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bcallah@ modified games/Makefile: +hyperrogue

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bcallah@ imported games/hyperrogue: Import games/hyperrogue, a roguelike game in a non-Euclidean world. ok schwarze@ You…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified x11/gnome/shell/Makefile: better way to generate st-scroll-view-fade-generated.c, modeled after gnome-r…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified x11/gnome/recipes/Makefile: generate in pre-build for otherwise it might not be gene…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: fcambus@ modified devel/quirks: Register removal of pidgin-tlen.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: fcambus@ changed net: Remove net/pidgin-tlen. The server has been shut down on 10 May 2016 [1], so there is no u…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: robert@ modified www/chromium: update to 62.0.3202.89

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ changed sysutils/d-feet: pep8 is dead, long live py-codestyle

RT @OpenBSD_www: patrick@ modified faq/current.html: Document backwards incompatible change to ECP groups in isakmpd, so that admins are aw…

RT @OpenBSD_src: patrick@ modified sbin/isakmpd: In the final RFC 5903 the computation for the DH shared secret changed. Instead of the ful…

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ added regress/usr.bin/ctfdump/base_types_encoding.i386: Enable this test on i386.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified sysutils/beats: update to beats-5.6.4

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified textproc/elasticsearch: update to elasticsearch-5.6.4

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified graphics/birdfont: update to birdfont-2.20.1

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified devel/ruby-rspec/specinfra: update to specinfra-2.72.1

RT @OpenBSD_src: jmc@ modified share/man/man7/hier.7: /usr/share/compile -> relink; ok tb

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified lang/Makefile: vala -> vala,-valadoc to explicitely build that subpackage since nothing depends on i…

OpenBSD changes: 08/11/17 11:00 UTC 08/11 21:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ changed net/icinga/core2: patch #! from env bash -> /bin/ksh, reported by Alf Schlichting

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified textproc/libical/Makefile: Needs python3 for the libical-glib tests.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified www/chromium/Makefile: Drop i386 from chromium's ONLY_FOR_ARCHS. Between node and ld.bfd both running ou…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kirby@ modified net/Makefile: unhook owncloudclient,qt5

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kirby@ modified net/owncloudclient: update to owncloudclient-2.3.4 switch to qt5 flavor by default to reduce diff with u…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified textproc/libical/patches/patch-src_libical_icaltimezone_c: URL to the issue.

RT @OpenBSD_src: patrick@ modified sbin/iked/ikev2.c: For IPcomp we need to load explicit ESP-flows for the IPIP or IPCOMP tunneled packets…

RT @OpenBSD_src: patrick@ modified usr.sbin/ikectl/ikeca.c: Since r1.41 the extensions are included in the CSR. Thus ca_request() already s…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: benoit@ modified devel/git: Update to git-2.15.0.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified devel/libpeas/Makefile: No need for CONFIGURE_ENV now that we have proper python{2,3} symlinks.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified textproc/libical: Go back to using system timezones. Remove mutex lock/unlock from icaltimezone_load…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified textproc/libical: Use builtin timezones for the time being to prevent a sigabrt. Under investigation…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified textproc/libical: Build vala support.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ modified x11/qwt/Makefile: Fix build of qt5 flavor on !amd64 by properly using ${WRKBUILD} Breakage reported by…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: steven@ modified textproc/libxml: update to 2.9.7 ok jca@ test in bulk build by naddy@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ changed x11/gnome/calendar: Fix build with libical >= 3.0.0.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ updated cvs/ports/x11/gnome/calendar/patches: Directory /cvs/ports/x11/gnome/calendar/patches added to the re…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified sysutils/amazon-ecs-cli: Update to ecs-cli-1.0.0.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified sysutils/awscli: Update to awscli-1.11.183.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified net/py-botocore: Update to py-botocore-1.7.41.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ changed x11/xfce4/orage: Fix build with libical >= 3.0.0.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ changed x11/kde4/pimlibs: Fix build with libical >= 3.0.0

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ changed x11/gnome/todo: Fix build with libical >= 3.0.0.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ changed mail/kopano/core: Fix build with libical >= 3.0.0.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ changed mail/claws-mail: Replace icaltime_from_timet with icaltime_from_timet_with_zone (upstream). This allo…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified a few things: Bump after libical pkgpath change.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ changed textproc/libical: Major update to libical-3.0.0.

OpenBSD changes: 08/11/17 05:00 UTC 08/11 15:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_src: mikeb@ modified sys/dev/pv/if_xnf.c: Fixup what looks like a merge mistake; no functional change

RT @OpenBSD_ports: gsoares@ modified devel/afl: update to afl-2.52b ok jsg

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified x11/xmonad: Update to xmonad-0.12, but mark as broken, because it needs one additional new port (devel/hs…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified x11/hs-xmonad-contrib: Update to hs-xmonad-contrib-0.12.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified x11/hs-dbus/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified x11/hs-X11-xft/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified x11/hs-X11/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified www/hs-cgi/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified textproc/hs-xml-types/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified textproc/hs-polyparse/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified textproc/hs-libxml-sax/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified textproc/hs-hexpat/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified textproc/hs-bytestring-lexing/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified textproc/hs-attoparsec/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified textproc/hs-HaXml/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified security/hs-skein/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified security/hs-pwstore-fast/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified security/hs-mwc-random/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified security/hs-digest/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified security/hs-cryptohash/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified security/hs-cryptocipher/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified security/hs-crypto-api/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified security/hs-crypto/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified net/hs-multipart/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified net/hs-curl/Makefile: Update package key.

OpenBSD changes: 07/11/17 23:00 UTC 08/11 09:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified net/hs-HTTP: Update to hs-HTTP-4000.3.3.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified lang/hs-haskell-src/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified graphics/hs-OpenGLRaw/Makefile: Mark as broken.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified graphics/hs-OpenGL/Makefile: Mark as broken.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified graphics/hs-GLUT/Makefile: Mark as broken.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified graphics/hs-GLURaw/Makefile: Mark as broken.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-void: Update to hs-void-0.7.1. Now with much more voidness.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-vector/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-unordered-containers/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-tuple/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-transformers-base/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-tf-random/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-system-filepath/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-system-fileio/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-sendfile/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-semigroups/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-scientific: Update to hs-scientific-

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-resourcet: Update to hs-resourcet-1.1.9.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-regex-tdfa/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-regex-posix/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-regex-compat-tdfa/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-regex-compat/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-regex-base/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-parsec/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-old-time/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-network-uri/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ changed devel/hs-monad-control: Update package key. Tweak dependencies.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ updated cvs/ports/devel/hs-monad-control/patches: Directory /cvs/ports/devel/hs-monad-control/patches added to the…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-mmorph: Update to hs-mmorph-1.0.9.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-mmap/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-logict/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-lifted-base/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-lifted-async/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-hslogger/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-hinotify/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-hashtables/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-hashable: Update to hs-hashable-

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-exceptions: Update to hs-exceptions-0.8.3.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-enumerator/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-enclosed-exceptions/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-data-default/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-convertible/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-constraints: Update to constraints-0.8.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-concurrent-extra/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-cmdlib/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_src: bluhm@ changed regress/sys/kern/sosplice: Test more variations of TCP packets in the scapy splicing tests. Delay connect a…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gtk+3: Update to gtk+3-3.22.26.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-case-insensitive: Update to hs-case-insensitive-

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-blaze-textual/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-blaze-builder/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-async/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-ansi-wl-pprint/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-abstract-deque/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-StateVar: Update to hs-StateVar-

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-QuickCheck: Update to hs-QuickCheck-2.8.2.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-MonadRandom/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-MissingH/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-ConfigFile/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/cpphs/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/cabal-install: Update to cabal-install- Earthshaking news: now comes with a man page!.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/alex: Update to alex-3.1.7.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified databases/hs-HDBC-sqlite3/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified databases/hs-HDBC-postgresql/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ changed databases/hs-HDBC-mysql: Update package key. Remove unused patches.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified databases/hs-HDBC/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified audio/hs-libmpd/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified archivers/hs-zlib-bindings/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified archivers/hs-zip-archive/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified www/hs-html/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified textproc/hs-xml/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified textproc/hs-scanner/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified textproc/hs-bytestring-show/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified textproc/hs-bytestring-nums/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified security/hs-entropy/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified security/hs-SHA/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified net/hs-network-info/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified net/hs-hostname/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified math/hs-half/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hscolour: Update to hscolour-1.24.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-utf8-string/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-unix-compat/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-unbounded-delays/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-transformers-compat: Update to hs-transformers-compat-

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-text/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-tar: Update to hs-tar-

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-tagged/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-syb/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-strict/Makefile: Update package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-stm: Update to hs-stm-

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-split: Update to hs-split-

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-regex-applicative/Makefile: Regen package key.

RT @OpenBSD_src: stsp@ modified sys/dev/usb/if_urtwn.c: Prevent a potential stack buffer overrun when a urtwn(4) device reports more than 3…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-readline/Makefile: Regen package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-random/Makefile: Regen package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-primitive/Makefile: Regen package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-patch-combinators/Makefile: Regen package key.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-parallel: Update to hs-parallel-

OpenBSD changes: 07/11/17 17:00 UTC 08/11 03:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified sysutils/awscli: Update to awscli-1.11.182.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified net/py-botocore: Update to py-botocore-1.7.40.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified security: Update to py-libnacl-1.6.1 and add a python3 FLAVOR.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ modified security/Makefile: + SUBDIR += py-pefile,python3

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ modified security/py-pefile: update pefile to 2017.11.5 and add python3 flavor. ok benoit@.

RT @OpenBSD_src: ajacoutot@ modified usr.sbin/pkg_add/OpenBSD/ Revert previous, it breaks ports/infrastructure/bin/resolve-lib…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified graphics/ImageMagick/Makefile: add hidden dep on libraw (raw_r), and explicitly disable flif/raqm

RT @OpenBSD_ports: anton@ modified sysutils/pick: Update to pick-2.0.0. ok sthen@

RT @OpenBSD_src: jca@ modified usr.sbin/tftpd/tftpd.*: Add support for client-specific directories (named after the client address) tftpd -…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified net/nanomsg: update to nanomsg-1.1.2

RT @OpenBSD_src: ratchov@ modified usr.bin/sndiod/dev.c: prefill with silence the buffer where cmap_copy() stores samples rather than the c…

RT @OpenBSD_src: ratchov@ modified usr.bin/aucat/aucat.c: prefill with silence the buffer where cmap_copy() stores samples rather than the…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: giovanni@ modified mail/enigmail: bugfix update to

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/builder: Picks up py-sphinx if present at configure time. reported by espie@

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ modified sys/netinet/ip_spd.c: Remove unused debug macro.

OpenBSD changes: 07/11/17 11:00 UTC 07/11 21:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jca@ modified x11/autocutsel/Makefile: Turns out there is a test suite, so use it.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jca@ changed x11/autocutsel: Fix off-by-one spotted by MALLOC_OPTIONS=S, and take maintainership

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jca@ updated cvs/ports/x11/autocutsel/patches: Directory /cvs/ports/x11/autocutsel/patches added to the repository

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified a couple things: Re-add the -valadoc subpackage, properly this time: change…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: giovanni@ modified graphics/p5-Captcha-reCAPTCHA: update to 0.99, now it supports APIv2 as well enable examples cope wit…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: giovanni@ changed mail/p5-Mail-SpamAssassin: Add p5-Net-LibIDN as a run-dependency to let spamassassin work on idn tld f…

RT @OpenBSD_src: mlarkin@ modified usr.sbin/vmd/vmd.c: typo in previous

RT @OpenBSD_src: mlarkin@ modified usr.sbin/vmd/vmd.c: comment function vm_checkperm

RT @OpenBSD_src: remi@ modified usr.sbin/ospfd/ospfd.conf.5: document how ospfd interacts with carp improvement from jmc@ ok phessler@ jca@…

RT @OpenBSD_www: mlarkin@ modified faq/faq6.html: FAQ entry for new vmm(4) networking information. I'll uncomment this at 6.3 release time.…

OpenBSD changes: 07/11/17 05:00 UTC 07/11 15:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ changed lang/ghc: Update to ghc-8.0.1, but leave it marked as BROKEN for now.

RT @OpenBSD_src: kevlo@ modified gnu/usr.bin/binutils-2.17/gas/config/tc-arm.c: Format string fix from upstream. ok millert@

RT @OpenBSD_src: yasuoka@ modified usr.sbin/makefs: Tweak the man page and warning message, revert the comma.

OpenBSD changes: 06/11/17 23:00 UTC 07/11 09:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: edd@ changed lang/swi-prolog/p*: Update lang/swi-prolog to version 7.6.0. For the first time, all tests are now passing…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified a couple things: MODGETTEXT_LIB_DEPENDS, MODGETTEXT_RUN_DEPENDS, MODGETTEXT_WANTLIB are no longer used

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified lang/ghc/Makefile: Mark as broken until everything is done.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified lang/vala/Makefile: Partial revert until I really understand how this works.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified editors/libreoffice/Makefile: replace gettext module

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bcallah@ modified lang/myrddin/Makefile: Remove hardcoded optimizations. ok jturner@ (MAINTAINER)

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified lang/vala/Makefile: Looks like I don't know how bootstrap works, so set the default FLAVOR to no_val…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: edd@ changed devel/colordiff: Update devel/colordiff to 1.0.18. With tweaks from, and OK, bcallah@, thanks.

OpenBSD changes: 06/11/17 17:00 UTC 07/11 03:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ modified sys/netinet/ip*: Use %s and __func__ in DPRINTF() to reduce false positive with grep(1). ok kettenis@, dhill…

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ modified usr.bin/ctf*: Use the symtab's sh_link to get the string table section. This is technically more correct tha…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ modified sysutils/firmware/athn: Install firmwares for athn(4) that have been built from source. This will allo…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ modified devel/Makefile: +open-ath9k-htc-firmware

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ imported devel/open-ath9k-htc-firmware: Import open-ath9k-htc-firmware. open-ath9k-htc-firmware is the firmware…

RT @OpenBSD_src: krw@ modified sbin/dhclient: Add lease declaration 'epoch' to hold the time() when a lease is received. Set it in packet_t…

RT @OpenBSD_src: krw@ modified sbin/dhclient/parse.c: Add format 't' to parse_decimal() for signed 64-bit integers.

RT @OpenBSD_src: phessler@ modified sys/net80211/ieee80211_*: move a function declaration, so the whole net80211 stack can disable wep or w…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ modified geo/spatialite/readosm: Update to readosm 1.1.0.

RT @OpenBSD_src: espie@ modified usr.sbin/pkg_add/OpenBSD/ typo, surprised nobody noticed yet

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ changed math/gnumeric: Unbreak by skipping the 'cs' translation which makes itstool(1) choke. Also unbreak on…

OpenBSD changes: 06/11/17 11:00 UTC 06/11 21:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_www: tb@ modified faq/faq14.html: add missing </b> spotted by matthias schmidt

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified devel/quirks: Register gnokii removal.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ changed comms: Remove gnokii; it's no longer useful and doesn't work properly most of the time. ok robert@ (m…

RT @OpenBSD_www: bcook@ modified libressl: release 2.6.3

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified devel/capstone/Makefile: Unbreak.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ changed lang/vala: Enable -valadoc using a bootstrap FLAVOR. ok jasper@

RT @OpenBSD_src: jasper@ modified sys/ddb/db_sym.h: remove ctf_type declaration no longer needed since -r1.33 ok mpi@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ modified sysutils/sysclean: Update to sysclean 2.6, from semarie@, ok rpe@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified sysutils/binwalk/Makefile: add RDEP on py3-capstone to support dissambly of object files

RT @OpenBSD_www: tb@ modified faq/faq14.html: rework the section on DUIDs slightly making clear that they are the default way of identifyin…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified sysutils/binwalk/Makefile: this no longer uses devel/py-libmagic

RT @OpenBSD_src: yasuoka@ modified sys/arch/amd64/stand/efiboot/efiboot.c: Modify "machine video" command not to list mode when chaning vid…

RT @OpenBSD_src: rpe@ modified etc/rc: Use a variable for /usr/share/relink OK tb@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ modified security/plaso: update plaso to 20170930. ok benoit@.

RT @OpenBSD_src: yasuoka@ modified sys/arch/amd64/stand: Call CD-ROM devices cdN instead of hdN. Also select the booted device properly whe…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ changed devel/capstone: add python bindings for capstone. ok benoit@ jasper@.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ updated cvs/ports/devel/capstone/main/pkg: Directory /cvs/ports/devel/capstone/main/pkg added to the repository

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ updated cvs/ports/devel/capstone/main/patches: Directory /cvs/ports/devel/capstone/main/patches added to the r…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ updated cvs/ports/devel/capstone/main: Directory /cvs/ports/devel/capstone/main added to the repository

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bcallah@ modified lang/Makefile: +snobol4

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bcallah@ imported lang/snobol4: Import lang/snobol4, the CSNOBOL4 suite including interpreter, debugger and utilities. J…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ changed www/chromium: Build chromedriver when building chrome chromedriver is chrome's implementation of the Web…

OpenBSD changes: 06/11/17 05:00 UTC 06/11 15:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jturner@ modified devel/fossil: Update fossil to 2.4 Changelog can be view here:

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bcallah@ modified a couple things: +libfirm +cparser

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bcallah@ imported lang/cparser: Import lang/cparser, a C99 parser and frontend for libFirm. ok bentley@ cparser is a rec…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bcallah@ imported devel/libfirm: Import devel/libfirm, a graph based intermediate representation and backend ok bentley@…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/hs-aeson/Makefile: Mark devel/hs-aeson as broken. It looks like it isn't used anymore, but I'll kee…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified math/gnumeric/Makefile: Makr BROKEN for the time being; there's an issue with the latest itstool.

OpenBSD changes: 05/11/17 23:00 UTC 06/11 09:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ changed x11/gnome/eog: unbreak help files which itstool choked on after the update to 2.0.4 from gnome via void

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ modified emulators/ppsspp: "PSP" -> "PlayStation Portable"

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified www/netsurf/libnslog/Makefile: missing bison BDEP

RT @OpenBSD_src: benno@ modified sbin/ifconfig/ifconfig.c: ifconfig <if> giftunnel was deprecated in 2001, it's never too late to remove it…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ modified emulators/Makefile: +ppsspp

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sebastia@ modified security/Makefile: ruby-gpgme contains native code, so hook up for the supported ruby versions explic…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ imported emulators/ppsspp: Import ppsspp-1.4.2, a Sony PSP emulator. Personal recommendation: open the homebrew…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sebastia@ modified databases/Makefile: hook up ruby-hiera-eyaml-gpg

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sebastia@ modified security/Makefile: hook up ruby-gpgme

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sebastia@ imported databases/ruby-hiera-eyaml-gpg: GPG backend for the hiera eyaml backend, allows you to use gpg keys f…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sebastia@ imported security/ruby-gpgme: import ruby-gpgme: Ruby-GPGME is a Ruby language binding of GPGME (GnuPG Made Ea…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified graphics/digikam-kde4/Makefile: replace gettext module

RT @OpenBSD_www: tj@ modified errata61.html: remove syspatch mention since 6.1 isn't getting those anymore

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ added games/hedgewars/patches/patch-cmake_modules_checkModule_hs: Let it configure/build with ghc-8.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: denis@ modified geo/openbsd-developers: Add myself OK bcallah@ aja@ jca@

RT @OpenBSD_src: reyk@ modified usr.sbin/vm*: Add minimal DHCP support to vmd's built-in DHCP/BOOTP server. This fixes "local interface" mo…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: espie@ modified games/tuxpaint/patches/patch-Makefile: wee gmake broken build-system, what a surprise. takes less time a…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: espie@ modified games/sdlpop/patches/patch-src_Makefile: blablabla -lm lld

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified mail/dovecot: update to Dovecot, from Brad. - doveadm: Fix crash in proxying (or dsync replicat…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: OPENBSD_6_2 sthen@ changed databases/mariadb: MFC Update to MariaDB 10.0.33, fixes CVE-2017-10268 and CVE-2017-10378. Fr…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ changed databases/mariadb: Update to MariaDB 10.0.33, fixes CVE-2017-10268 and CVE-2017-10378. From Brad.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified devel/intellij: update to intellij-2017.2.5 from Caspar Schutijser (MAINTAINER)

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified devel/liblouis: Update to liblouis-3.3.0.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified devel/distcc: fix package name pointed out by naddy@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified x11/gnome/recipes: apply fix from upstream

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified math/dieharder: build and install documentation, requested by tb@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ changed security/py-cryptography: update to py-cryptography 2.1.3

RT @OpenBSD_src: phessler@ modified sys/net80211/ieee80211_ioctl.c: Changing nwid on a wifi network means it is a new network, so clear the…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: espie@ modified games/stepmania/patches/patch-src_Makefile_in: fix linking with lld

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified security/Makefile: +py-asn1crypto

RT @OpenBSD_src: jca@ modified usr.sbin/ospf6ctl/ospf6ctl.8: Mention that "reload" is disabled; ok jmc@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ imported security/py-asn1crypto: import security/py-asn1crypto, ok jca@ Fast ASN.1 parser and serializer with def…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ changed graphics/lcms2: Update to lcms2-2.8.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified fonts/mplus-fonts: update to mplus-063

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified graphics/exiftran: Update to exiftran-2.14.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified devel/ruby-hoe: update to ruby-hoe-3.16.1

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified devel/ruby-diff-lcs: update to diff-lcs-1.3

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ removed audio/ruby-id3lib: Remove ruby-id3lib, dead for 7 years. Users should switch ruby-taglib. OK jasper@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified audio/Makefile: Unhook ruby-id3lib

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified x11/Makefile: Hookup ruby-tk

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ imported x11/ruby-tk: Import ruby-tk 0.2.0 This is a Tk interface module using tcltklib. It was distributed with…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified print/t1utils: Update to t1utils-1.41.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: juanfra@ modified lang/cython: Update to cython 0.27.3.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified cad/gtkwave: update to gtkwave-3.3.86l

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified databases/barman: update to barman-2.3

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified sysutils/ansible-lint: Update to ansible-lint-3.4.17.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified productivity/rednotebook: Update to rednotebook-2.3.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified x11/gnome/shell/Makefile: link to upstream bz for the st-scroll-view-fade-generated.c issue

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified misc/gramps: Update to gramps-4.2.6.

RT @OpenBSD_src: jca@ modified usr.sbin/ospf6*: Disable config reload, ospf6d just exits on reload with simple setups. And fixing this does…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified geo/p5-Geo-Coordinates-OSGB: Update to p5-Geo-Coordinates-OSGB-2.19.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ changed net/prosody: Update to prosody 0.10.0. Original diff from Viq, with tweaks from Henrik Friedrichsen (MAI…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified sysutils/tmuxinator: update to tmuxinator-0.10.0

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified devel/Makefile: +ruby-xdg

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ imported devel/ruby-xdg: import ruby-xdg-2.2.3 XDG provides a module for supporting the XDG Base Directory Stand…

OpenBSD changes: 05/11/17 17:00 UTC 06/11 03:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified devel/quirks: REgister removal of haskell-platform.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified sysutils/borgmatic: update to borgmatic-1.1.10

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jca@ modified devel/gmp/patches/patch-acinclude_m4: Fixed in the unstable repo, not in the gmp-6.1 repo

RT @OpenBSD_src: jca@ modified usr.sbin/ospf6d/kroute.c: Kill dead assignement.

RT @OpenBSD_www: tb@ modified alpha.html: fix sentence about several installation media. pointed out by stephane huc "pengouinbsd"

RT @OpenBSD_src: bluhm@ modified regress/sys/net/pf_state/Makefile: Fix some comments and dependencies in this regress test.

RT @OpenBSD_src: florian@ modified sys: Finish off pr_drain functions, they haven't been used since 2006. OK mpi

RT @OpenBSD_src: bluhm@ modified regress/sys/kern/sosplice/scapy/Makefile: Insert a rule into pf regress anchor that passes all packets wit…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified geo/p5-Geo-UK-Postcode-Regex: update to p5-Geo-UK-Postcode-Regex-0.017

RT @OpenBSD_www: tb@ modified faq/current.html: if the filesystem containing your /usr/share is quite full, you want to free space before u…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified sysutils/flashrom: update to flashrom-0.99.1

RT @OpenBSD_ports: espie@ added games/atomix/patches/patch-src_Makefile_in: explicitly link with -lm for lld

RT @OpenBSD_ports: tb@ changed math/dieharder: Fix out-of-bounds access: the global dtest_num is initialized to -1 and unchanged if 'diehar…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: espie@ modified emulators/yabause/patches/patch-src_gtk_Makefile_in: ldd explicitly requires -lm

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified devel/help2man: update to help2man-1.47.5 tested in a bulk by and ok aja@

RT @OpenBSD_src: rpe@ modified distrib/miniroot/install.sub: Fix http server selection from the list of mirrors. This broke in r1.989 in a…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: espie@ modified emulators/xroar/Makefile: obey COMPILER choice, specifically some objective C test

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified devel/meson: Do not create aliases (i.e. so -> so.X -> so.X.Y links) only if we provide SHARED_LIBS.…

RT @OpenBSD_src: rpe@ modified etc/ksh.kshrc: Remove the ':' at the beginning of ksh.kshrc. prodded by Raf Czlonka OK tb@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: espie@ modified emulators/gr-lida/patches/patch-gr-lida_pro: configure system brokenness, this is using external libz in…

OpenBSD changes: 05/11/17 11:00 UTC 05/11 21:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_src: rpe@ modified many things: Consolidate*.a, and the kernel relink kit into one location under /usr/share/re…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ modified www/webkit: Remove myself from MAINTAINER, i haven't touched www/webkit since 3 years, and ajacoutot@ i…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified multimedia/libmatroska: Update to libmatroska-1.4.8. from Brad (maintainer)

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified sysutils/remotebox: Update to remotebox-2.4.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ changed textproc/itstool: Stop crashing when freeing xmlDocs (upstream).

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ updated cvs/ports/textproc/itstool/patches: Directory /cvs/ports/textproc/itstool/patches added to the reposi…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: espie@ modified lang/gcc: pre-emptively do the same tweak to other gccs in the ports tree

RT @OpenBSD_ports: espie@ modified lang/gcc/4.9/ if the gcc4 module is just a side-effect of the clang module, don't redefine…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: espie@ modified infrastructure/mk/ define COMPILER_LINKS early so that modules can test it easily

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jca@ added math/dieharder/patches/patch-libdieharder_dab_filltree*: Use "static inline" to build with clang -O0 Spotted…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kirby@ changed games/scorched3d: update to scorched3d-44 tweaks and OK bentley@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jca@ modified x11/qt5/ Stop overriding LINK_C/LINK, and tweak comments Overriding LINK breaks libtool comman…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jca@ modified lang/python: Regen patches

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jca@ changed sysutils/borgbackup: Tweaks & typo fix No need to patch tests anymore, the python 3 package now provide a p…

RT @OpenBSD_src: visa@ modified sys/arch/octeon/dev/cn30xxpow*: Set the core's own group mask when scheduling work, to receive work from th…

RT @OpenBSD_src: visa@ modified sys/arch/octeon/dev/cn30xxpow.c: Handle failure.

RT @OpenBSD_src: visa@ modified sys/arch/octeon/dev/cn30xxpow.c: slight cleanup

RT @OpenBSD_src: visa@ modified sys/arch/octeon/include/octeonvar.h: Add a function for getting the current core's hardware identifier. For…

RT @OpenBSD_src: visa@ modified sys/arch/octeon/dev/cn30xx*: Remove unmaintained debug code.

OpenBSD changes: 05/11/17 05:00 UTC 05/11 15:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/gdm: Fix the merge hell and add a few patch chunks to unbreak runtime

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jca@ modified net/openvpn/patches/patch-src_openvpn_error_c: Pushed upstream

RT @OpenBSD_src: jca@ modified distrib/sets/lists/base/mi: sync

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ changed sysutils/ansible: update to ansible-

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ removed devel/spidermonkey38: remove 38 spidermonkies, now unused after gjs migrated (ab)using 52 spidermonkies…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jca@ added sysutils/upower/patches/patch-libupower-glib_up-device_c: Unbreak on gcc archs up-device.c:277: error: #pragm…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified devel/Makefile: -spidermonkey38

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified databases/mdbtools/Makefile: Remove failed attempt to require gcc4.9. This builds fine with clang and ba…

RT @OpenBSD_www: tb@ modified alpha.html: fix screwed-up comments. pointed out by stephane huc "pengouinbsd"

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified a couple things: replace gettext module

RT @OpenBSD_src: jca@ modified many things: Revert recent changes to unbreak ports/net/samba While it is not clear (to me) why that ports e…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ modified games/gottcode: Use HTTPS homepage and master_sites.

OpenBSD changes: 04/11/17 23:00 UTC 05/11 09:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ changed www/netsurf: Update to netsurf-3.7. I didn't receive any test reports on exotic architectures this time…

RT @OpenBSD_www: tb@ modified alpha.html: zap stray end of comment marker pointed out by stephane huc "pengouin bsd"

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ imported www/netsurf/libnslog: Import libnslog-0.1.0. Libnslog provides a category-based logging library which…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ modified games/Makefile: +{fifengine,fifechan,unknown-horizons}

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified devel/libconfuse: update to libconfuse-3.2.1

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ imported games/unknown-horizons: Import unknown-horizons-2017.2. Unknown Horizons is a 2D realtime strategy sim…

RT @OpenBSD_www: tb@ modified macppc.html: missing 6.2 bump and zap extra paren pointed out by stephane huc "pengouinbsd"

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ imported games/fifengine: Import fifengine-0.4.1. FIFE is a free, open-source cross-platform game engine. It fe…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: benno@ modified productivity/zim: update zim to 0.67 ok juanfra@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ imported games/fifechan: Import fifechan-0.1.4. Fifechan is a lightweight cross platform GUI library written in…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: fcambus@ modified editors/joe: Update joe to 4.5. OK bcallah@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified devel/git-lfs: update to git-lfs-2.3.4

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ removed textproc/xpdf/patches/patch-*: Oops! Forgot to properly cvs rm some patch files. Noticed by naddy@.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified a few things: replace gettext module

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bcallah@ modified lang/Makefile: +a60

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bcallah@ imported lang/a60: Import lang/a60, the NASE A60 Algol interpreter. ok benoit@ juanfra@ a60 is the Algol 60 int…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kirby@ modified comms/gammu/Makefile: fix build on !CLANG_ARCHS spotted by landry@ on sparc64 buld

RT @OpenBSD_ports: steven@ updated cvs/ports/math/arpack/patches: Directory /cvs/ports/math/arpack/patches added to the repository

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified textproc/py-ruamel.yaml: update to py-ruamel.yaml-0.15.34l

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ modified print/poppler/Makefile: Add ${MODGCC4_CPPLIBDEP} to LIB_DEPENDS-*, changes nothing for clang archs, but…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified textproc/p5-Text-Diff: update to p5-Text-Diff-1.45

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ modified geo/p*: Properly set COMPILER to base-clang ports-gcc so that those have a chance to fail further on cr…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified sysutils/virt-manager: update to virt-manager-1.4.3

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified devel/quirks: register libwbxml removal

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ removed textproc/libwbxml: remove libwbxml nothing in tree uses it anymore and who really does WAP binary xml an…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified textproc/Makefile: -libwbxml

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified textproc/itstool: update to itstool-2.0.4

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/gdm: find_user_session_for_display -> get_user_session_for_display

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ changed devel/ccache: Avoid inadvertent dep loop introduced with the nested functions autoconf fix. Rwported by A…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: juanfra@ modified net/py-ftpdlib: Update to pyftpd 1.5.3.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: espie@ modified audio/soundtracker/patches/patch-app_Makefile_in: needs -lm, really. fixes lld

RT @OpenBSD_ports: espie@ added audio/mp3splt-gtk/patches/patch-src_Makefile_in: main program really requires -lm, this fixes link with lld…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: espie@ updated cvs/ports/audio/mp3splt-gtk/patches: Directory /cvs/ports/audio/mp3splt-gtk/patches added to the reposito…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: stu@ modified databases/tdbc-sqlite3: Update to 1.0.5.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: stu@ modified databases/tdbc: Update to 1.0.5.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: stu@ modified devel/tclthread: Update to 2.8.1.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: stu@ modified x11/tk/8.6: Update to 8.6.7.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: stu@ changed lang/tcl/8.6: Update to 8.6.7.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ modified devel/quirks: Register xscorch removal.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ removed games/xscorch: Remove xscorch. Old software, runtime broken for an indeterminate amount of time. Play s…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ modified games/Makefile: -xscorch

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified x11/gnome/contacts: update to gnome-contacts-3.26

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ changed net/telepathy/folks: Unbreak loading the eds library.

RT @OpenBSD_www: benno@ modified hackathons.html: complete entry, ok stsp@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified devel/ruby-libv8: Fix typo in description, from bentley@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ modified textproc/py-yaml/Makefile: switch homepage/master_sites to https

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified devel/ruby-therubyracer: Update therubyracer to 0.12.3 and reenable it. Use new ruby-libv8 depedency. H…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified devel/Makefile: Hookup ruby-libv8

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ imported devel/ruby-libv8: Import ruby-libv8 The libv8 gem provides access to v8 from ruby. Its desig…

RT @OpenBSD_src: florian@ modified sbin/slaacd: Don't keep blindly chugging along when receiving an unexpected imsg, something is seriously…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: pirofti@ changed math/gnuplot: Update to gnuplot 5.2.1. While at it remove obsolete emacs dependency, use GNU readline a…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified a few things: fix illegal package names, see packages-specs(7)

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ changed lang/libv8: Update to libv8 Switch to using distfile from GitHub. OK David Carlier (MAINTAINE…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/menu-cache: Update to menu-cache-1.1.0.

RT @OpenBSD_src: tb@ modified sys/net/if.c: Move the ioctls that only need a read lock from ifioctl into a new function ifioctl_get(). This…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified mail/kopano/core/Makefile: replace gettext module

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ modified sys: raw_init() is dead and <net/raw_cb.h> doesn't need to be included there.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified sysutils/awscli: Update to awscli-1.11.181.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified net/py-botocore: Update to py-botocore-1.7.39.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ changed many things: Remove mixmaster. Security/crypto software from 14 years ago is no longer useful. ok fcambus…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ changed x11/gnome/terminal: update to gnome-terminal-3.26.2

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified x11/gnome/shell-extensions: update to gnome-shell-extensions-3.26.2

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified x11/gnome/shell: update to gnome-shell-3.26.2

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ changed x11/gnome/mutter: update to mutter-3.26.2

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified www/epiphany: update to epiphany-3.26.2

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ changed devel/meson: Turns out we *do* need -Wl,-soname... Unbreak runtime in a few GNOME programs.

OpenBSD changes: 04/11/17 17:00 UTC 05/11 03:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ changed games/chromium-bsu: Update to chromium-bsu- tweaks + ok kirby@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified textproc/xpdf: Update to xpdf-4.00. Now uses qt5 instead of motif. Printing doesn't work at the moment, s…

RT @OpenBSD_src: florian@ modified sys/arch: Since rev 1.502 of rc(8) it creates a /bsd.booted hard link. At the end of rc we call reorder_…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ changed www/ruby-passenger: Update to passenger-5.1.11. Updated embedded nginx version to 1.12.1. Disable check…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ changed net/ruby-eventmachine: Update to eventmachine-1.2.5.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified www/ruby-websocket-driver: Update to websocket-driver-0.7.0.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified www/ruby-thin: Update to thin-1.7.2.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified www/ruby-raindrops: Update to raindrops-0.19.0.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified www/ruby-puma: Update to puma-3.10.0.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified www/ruby-capybara: Update to capybara-2.13.0.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified www/ruby-capybara-webkit: Update to capybara-webkit-1.14.0. Remove gcc4 module, no longer needed.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified textproc/ruby-redcarpet: Update to redcarpet-3.4.0.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified textproc/ruby-nokogiri: Update to nokogiri-1.8.1.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified sysutils/ruby-posix-spawn: Update to posix-spawn-0.3.13. Remove unnecessary extension files from PLIST.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified x11: replace gettext module

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ changed devel/ruby-rb-gsl: Update to gsl- Remove patch fixed in a different way upstream.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified devel/ruby-kgio: Update to kgio-2.11.0.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified devel/ruby-ffi: Update to ffi-1.9.18.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified databases/ruby-sqlite3: Update to sqlite3 1.3.13.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified databases/ruby-pg: Update to pg 0.21.0.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: stu@ modified lang/jimtcl: Update to 0.77pl1.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified a couple things: replace gettext module and sync wantlib

RT @OpenBSD_src: krw@ modified sbin/dhclient/dhclient.c: Decline duplicate offers for the requested address, as are duplicate offers for ot…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ modified security/py-dfvfs: update py-dfvfs to 20170723. ok benoit@.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ modified security/py-pefile: update py-pefile. ok benoit@.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: steven@ modified textproc/libxslt: update to 1.1.32 ok ajacoutot@ "sounds good" rpointel@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified devel/meson: Rework SHARED_LIBS handling. Drop some now useless substs.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified games: replace gettext module

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ modified sys: Make it possible for multiple threads to enter kqueue_scan() in parallel. This is a requirement to use…

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ modified lib/libfuse/fuse.c: fuse_loop_mt() isn't implemented so return an error value. From Helg Bredow.

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ modified sys/net: Stop calling ifp->if_ioctl() inside in{,6}_ioctl(). Instead return EOPNOTSUPP and call it from ifio…

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ modified lib/libfuse/fuse.c: Use the correct version macro. From Helg Bredow, ok pirofti@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rsadowski@ changed graphics/opencv: Update OpenCV to the latest stable version Notable port changes: - HOMEPAG…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ changed sysutils/borgbackup: update to borgbackup-1.1.1 from Bjorn Ketelaars (MAINTAINER) ok remi@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified devel/template-glib/Makefile: Missing BDEP on devel/bison. spotted by naddy@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: pirofti@ modified math/Makefile: Link libcerf

RT @OpenBSD_ports: pirofti@ imported math/libcerf: Import math/libcerf providing implementation of complex error functions Self-contained n…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: benoit@ modified archivers/p5-PerlIO-gzip: Update to PerlIO-gzip-0.20.

RT @OpenBSD_src: visa@ modified sys/arch/octeon/dev/cn30xx*: Use the macro for cache line size.

RT @OpenBSD_src: visa@ modified sys/arch/octeon/dev/if_cnmac.c: Check buffer size parameters at compile time.

RT @OpenBSD_src: visa@ modified sys/arch/octeon/dev: One macro for cache line size is enough.

RT @OpenBSD_src: florian@ modified sys/dev/isa/if_ie.c: Interface counters should only increment. haesbaert points out that ie(4) does a we…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ modified security/libewf: update libewf to 20170703. ok and inputs benoit@.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified devel/distcc/Makefile: replace gettext module; ok jasper@

OpenBSD changes: 04/11/17 11:00 UTC 04/11 21:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: steven@ modified math/fftw3: update to 3.3.7 ok pirofti@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: steven@ changed math/plplot: update to 5.13.0

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ modified geo/geos: Update to geos 3.6.2. tested in a bulk by ajacoutot@, thanks!

RT @OpenBSD_src: ratchov@ modified lib/libsndio/mio_rmidi.c: polish debug printfs, no behaviour change.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kirby@ modified net/seafile: update to seafile-6.1.3

RT @OpenBSD_src: mlarkin@ modified usr.sbin/vmd/config.c: whitespace

RT @OpenBSD_src: mlarkin@ modified usr.sbin/vmd/proc.c: Remove a debug message that has outlived its usefulness. From Carlos Cardenas, who…

OpenBSD changes: 04/11/17 05:00 UTC 04/11 15:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bcallah@ modified games/easyrpg: Update EasyRPG to 0.5.3 most of the work by bentley@ (and ok bentley@)

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bcallah@ modified games/liblcf: Update liblcf to 0.5.3 most of the work done by bentley@ (also ok bentley@)

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ modified textproc/apertium-dicts/Makefile: sync

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ imported textproc/apertium-dicts/srd-ita: Import apertium-srd-ita-0.9.5, a Sardinian/Italian apertium language…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ imported textproc/apertium-dicts/rus-ukr: Import apertium-rus-ukr-0.2.0, a Russian/Ukrainian apertium language…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ imported textproc/apertium-dicts/crh-tur: Import apertium-crh-tur-0.2.0, a Crimean Tatar/Turkish apertium langu…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ imported textproc/apertium-dicts/cat-srd: Import apertium-cat-srd-1.0.0, a Catalan/Sardinian apertium language…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ imported textproc/apertium-dicts/ukr: Import apertium-ukr-0.1.0, a Ukrainian dictionary for apertium. ok jeremy…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ imported textproc/apertium-dicts/tur: Import apertium-tur-0.1.0, a Turkish dictionary for apertium. ok jeremy@…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ imported textproc/apertium-dicts/crh: Import apertium-crh-0.1.0, a Crimean Tatar dictionary for apertium. ok je…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ imported textproc/apertium-dicts/srd: Import apertium-srd-1.2.0, a Sardinian dictionary for apertium. No confli…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified graphics/ImageMagick/Makefile: re-regen WANTLIB to unbreak

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ modified textproc/Makefile: +hfst

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ imported textproc/hfst: Import hfst-3.13.0. HFST, the Helsinki Finite State Transducer, is a bridging library f…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ modified print/libXp/Makefile: Switch master_sites from ftp to https.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ modified print/xprintproto/Makefile: Switch master_sites from ftp to https.

OpenBSD changes: 03/11/17 23:00 UTC 04/11 09:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rsadowski@ modified security/knockpy: Update knockpy from 4.0.0 to 4.1.0. - use MODPY_EGG_VERSION - helper target to avo…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified audio/ruby-vorbis_comment/Makefile: Update HOMEPAGE

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ changed games/irrlamb: Update to irrlamb-0.2.1.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bluhm@ changed misc/p5-File-MMagic-XS: Fix segmentation fault in p5-File-MMagic-XS. OK giovanni@

RT @OpenBSD_src: bluhm@ modified regress/lib/libexpat/runtests: Tests of libexpat 2.2.5 also need source file structdata.c.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bluhm@ updated cvs/ports/misc/p5-File-MMagic-XS/patches: Directory /cvs/ports/misc/p5-File-MMagic-XS/patches added to th…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kirby@ changed games/dunelegacy: fix and enable SEPARATE_BUILD

RT @OpenBSD_src: ratchov@ modified usr.bin/sndiod/dev.c: Prefill client rec buffer with silence. This is necessary because certain channels…

RT @OpenBSD_src: nicm@ modified usr.bin/tmux/mode-tree.c: Clear key properly if on space with nothing in it.

RT @OpenBSD_src: ratchov@ modified usr.bin/aucat/aucat.c: Prefill rec buffer with silence. This is necessary because certain channels don't…

RT @OpenBSD_src: nicm@ modified usr.bin/tmux: Support mouse on preview in tree mode.

RT @OpenBSD_src: visa@ modified sys/arch/octeon/dev/cn30xxgmx*: Remove alternative implementations of GMX CAM setup logic that have been di…

OpenBSD changes: 03/11/17 17:00 UTC 04/11 03:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_src: florian@ modified sys/net: After inlining of raw_detach we know the sizes for free; pointed out by & OK mpi, input & OK vi…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ modified devel/apktool: update apktool to 2.3.0. ok benoit@.

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ modified regress/usr.bin/ctfdump/base_types_encoding.amd64: Fix regression, pointed out by Mark Johnston.

RT @OpenBSD_src: visa@ modified sys/arch/octeon/dev/octciu.c: Fix a stupid typo.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ modified databases/py-redis: update py-redis to 2.10.6. ok benoit@.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: stu@ modified databases/sqlite3-tcl: Update to 3.20.1. Remove version# from lib to avoid unnecessary PLIST churn.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bcallah@ modified lang/freebasic: Unbreak on i386

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpe@ modified devel/Makefile: add bashunit

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ changed games/lincity: Update to lincity-1.13.1.

RT @OpenBSD_src: espie@ modified usr.sbin/pkg_add/OpenBSD/PackageRepository/ properly cleanup the controller after closing th…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpe@ imported devel/bashunit: Import devel/bashunit-20140327 Description: bashunit is a unit testing framework for Bash…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/gdm: Update to gdm-

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified audio/libmodplug: update to libmodplug-

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified x11/gnome/sushi/Makefile: sync WANTLIB to unbreak after gjs update

RT @OpenBSD_ports: remi@ modified mail/offlineimap: Update to offlienimap-7.1.4 ok rsadowski@ sthen@ danj@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ imported security/hs-hackage-security: Import security/hs-hackage-security. Not yet wired to the build. ok sthen@,…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ imported security/hs-cryptohash-sha256: Import security/hs-cryptohash-sha256. Not yet wired to the build. ok sthen…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ imported security/hs-ed25519: Import security/hs-ed25519. Not yet wired to the build. ok sthen@, jca@. This packag…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ modified x11/Xaw3d/Makefile: HTTPS master_site.

RT @OpenBSD_src: florian@ modified sys/netinet6: We are processing Router Solicitation / Advertisement messages only for the Source Link-la…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ changed net/quagga: Update to quagga-1.2.2, using a simpler diff to the multicast code. If you start seeing new p…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jca@ changed devel/gmp: Unbreak configure check with MALLOC_OPTIONS=S Don't rely on malloc returning zeroed memory. ok k…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome: Drop now undeeed MODPY_ADJ_FILES.

RT @OpenBSD_src: nicm@ modified usr.bin/tmux/mode-tree.c: Change mouse in modes so that one click moves the cursor and a double click choos…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpe@ modified archivers/makeself: Update archivers/makeself to 2.3.1 OK aja@ sthen@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ modified textproc/py-xml: Don't install py-xml's sax parser, as it's now part of python proper. ok ajacoutot@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/gjs/Makefile: Extend comment.

RT @OpenBSD_src: florian@ modified sys/net/rtsock.c: use rop->rcb similar like in pfkeyv2_detach(); suggested by visa

RT @OpenBSD_ports: espie@ modified x11/sisctrl/Makefile: fix link with lld

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ modified sysutils/libvshadow: update libvshadow to 20170902. ok benoit@.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: espie@ modified math/grpn/patches/patch-Makefile: fix link with lld

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/documents: Unbreak by updating to gnome-documents-3.26.1.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/maps: Update to gnome-maps-3.26.2.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/weather: Update to gnome-weather-3.26.0.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified x11/gnome/gjs: update to gjs-1.50.2, at last!

RT @OpenBSD_ports: stsp@ modified devel/quirks: Register removal of ardour, aubio, liblo, and libgnomecanvasmm. ok jasper

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ modified sysutils/libsmraw: update libsmraw to 20170803. ok benoit@.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome: Remove hack, the gnome MODULE now takes care of it.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bluhm@ modified textproc/Makefile: +p5-Pod-Markdown

RT @OpenBSD_ports: espie@ modified games/belooted/Makefile: fix link with lld

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/ If we are using both meson(1) and gobject-introspection, pass ${_MODGNOME_l…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bluhm@ imported textproc/p5-Pod-Markdown: import p5-Pod-Markdown 3.005 OK benoit@ Comment: convert POD to Markdown Descr…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: espie@ modified graphics/gfract/patches/patch-Makefile: gfract directly calls boost::system, fix link with lld

RT @OpenBSD_ports: stsp@ removed x11/gnome/libgnomecanvasmm: remove x11/gnome/libgnomecanvasmm; this was used only by audio/ardour

RT @OpenBSD_ports: stsp@ removed audio/liblo: remove audio/liblo; this was used only by audio/ardour

RT @OpenBSD_ports: stsp@ removed audio/aubio: remove audio/aubio; this was only used by audio/ardour

RT @OpenBSD_ports: stsp@ modified x11/gnome/Makefile: unhook x11/gnome/libgnomecanvasmm; this was only used by audio/ardour

RT @OpenBSD_ports: stsp@ modified audio/Makefile: unhook audio/aubio and audio/liblo; these were only used by audio/ardour

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ modified sysutils/libolecf: update libolecf to 20170825. ok benoit@.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ modified devel/glib2: Pledge glib-compile-schemas, which is @exec'd by 100+ packages. ok ajacoutot@ jasper@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified devel/meson/ Remove ugly hack now that we have proper python major version links.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: espie@ changed sysutils/safecat/patches/patch-*: that build system is broken. fix the makelib stuff to also generate act…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified lang/python: Provide symlinks for python2, python3 and friends like most other OSes do. This will al…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/libgepub: Update to libgepub-0.5.2.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ modified sysutils/liblnk: update liblnk to 20171101. ok benoit@.

RT @OpenBSD_src: florian@ changed sys: Inline trivial functions from raw_cb.c and tedu it. Suggested by and OK mpi, OK visa

RT @OpenBSD_ports: stsp@ removed audio/ardour: remove audio/ardour; Our port of this software is old and unmaintained. ok ajacoutot@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: stsp@ modified audio/Makefile: unhook audio/ardour; our port of this software is outdated and unmaintained. ok ajacoutot@

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ modified usr.bin/ctfconv/ctfconv.c: Make dump_itype() dump enum members. From Mark Johnston, markj@FreeBSD

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ modified usr.bin/ctfconv/ctfconv.c: Fix a format string warning in dump_type(). From Mark Johnston, markj@FreeBSD

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ modified usr.bin/ctfdump/ctfdump.c: Fix formatting in the case where a symbol table isn't present. From Mark Johnston…

RT @OpenBSD_src: florian@ modified sys/net/raw_*: There is no way SS_NOFDREF is set on a raw socket in raw_usrreq for PRU_DISCONNECT or PRU…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: espie@ modified games/gamine/patches/patch-Makefile: fix link with lld

RT @OpenBSD_ports: espie@ modified x11/gromit/patches/patch-Makefile: fix link with lld

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified devel/spidermonkey52/patches/patch-js_src_old-configure_in: Regen patch.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ changed x11/gnome/builder: Update to gnome-builder-3.26.2.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: espie@ added devel/radare2/main/patches/patch-binr_rules_mk: fix lld build

RT @OpenBSD_ports: steven@ changed math/octave: update to 4.2.1 ok pirofti@

RT @OpenBSD_src: florian@ modified sbin/slaacd/slaacd.c: There can be multiple default routers sending router advertisements. Install the d…

RT @OpenBSD_src: steven@ modified share/man/man7/ports.7: update reference to ports www page after it moved. ok jca@ tb@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ changed devel/spidermonkey52: Disable MOZ_GLUE_IN_PROGRAM in stand-alone builds on all platforms. via fedora…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ modified sysutils/burp/pkg/burp.rc: Ensure _burp user can read its certificate at startup. The ownership might h…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: espie@ modified x11/chbg/Makefile: chbg itself uses libm, so sneak it in for lld

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ modified infrastructure/db/user.list: reserve uid/gid 794 for _burp user/group

RT @OpenBSD_ports: espie@ modified devel/p5-File-RsyncP/Makefile: obey CC

RT @OpenBSD_ports: espie@ modified converters/p5-JSON-DWIW/Makefile: pass CC to jsonevt configure

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified devel/Makefile: +jsonrpc-glib +template-glib

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ imported devel/jsonrpc-glib: Import jsonrpc-glib-3.26.1. Jsonrpc-GLib is a library to communicate with JSON-R…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ imported devel/template-glib: Import template-glib-3.26.1. Template-GLib is a library to help you generate te…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ modified sysutils/Makefile: moar burp

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/Makefile: +libdazzle

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ imported sysutils/burp: Import burp 2.0.54. Burp is a network backup and restore program. It attempts to reduce…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ imported x11/gnome/libdazzle: Import libdazzle-3.26.1. The libdazzle library is a companion library to GObjec…

RT @OpenBSD_src: jasper@ modified sys/arch: use %lx to print the frame address if resolving of the symbol name fails as discussed with and…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: espie@ modified comms/p5-Device-SerialPort/Makefile: obey CC

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpe@ modified devel/src: Update devel/src to 1.15 OK aja@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified x11/gnome/system-monitor: update to gnome-system-monitor-3.26.0

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ changed devel/libgtop2: update to libgtop2-2.38.0 with a stub implementation for procio

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jca@ modified net/zabbix/Makefile: typo

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jca@ modified net/zabbix: Add libssh2 support to zabbbix While here s,/usr/local,${TRUEPREFIX}, in the server README. Fr…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/photos: Update to gnome-photos-3.26.2.

RT @OpenBSD_www: job@ modified innovations.html: Update innovations webpage - change order of the h3 sections - add <strong> around the imp…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified devel/spidermonkey52/Makefile: Extend comment.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified sysutils/bacula: update to bacula-9.0.5

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified graphics/ImageMagick/Makefile: regen WANTLIB

OpenBSD changes: 03/11/17 11:00 UTC 03/11 21:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified graphics/ImageMagick: update to ImageMagick-6.9.9-21

RT @OpenBSD_ports: steven@ modified devel/libivykis: update to 0.42 needed by newer syslog-ng ok ajacoutot@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ changed many things: pledge three programs that get run on (nearly every) pkg_add using arbitrary intput files.…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified graphics/openjp2: update to openjp2-2.3.0, many bugfixes including heap overflows

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified net/GeoIP: update geolite databases

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified security/py-bcrypt: update to py-bcrypt-3.1.4

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified net/icinga/web2-module-director: update to icinga-web2-module-director-1.4.1

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified a couple things: replace gettext module, sync wantlib; ok ajacoutot@

RT @OpenBSD_src: aoyama@ modified sys/arch/luna88k/luna88k: Spaces -> tab, no binary change.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified sysutils/terraform/terraform: Update to terraform-0.10.8.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified sysutils/awscli: Update to awscli-1.11.180.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified net/py-botocore: Update to py-botocore-1.7.38.

RT @OpenBSD_www: tb@ modified faq/faq14.html: add missing /dev/. pointed out by Stephane HUC "PengouinBSD"

RT @OpenBSD_src: aoyama@ modified sys/arch/luna88k/include: Spaces -> tab, no binary change.

RT @OpenBSD_src: aoyama@ modified sys/arch/luna88k/dev: Spaces -> tab, no binary change.

RT @OpenBSD_src: djm@ modified usr.bin/ssh/servconf.c: reuse parse_multistate for parse_flag (yes/no arguments). Saves a few lines of code…

RT @OpenBSD_src: djm@ modified usr.bin/ssh/ssh-keygen.*: allow certificate validity intervals that specify only a start or stop time (we al…

OpenBSD changes: 03/11/17 05:00 UTC 03/11 15:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_src: djm@ modified usr.bin/ssh/sftp.*: allow "cd" and "lcd" commands with no explicit path argument. lcd will change to the loc…

RT @OpenBSD_src: dtucker@ modified usr.bin/ssh/s*: When doing a config test with sshd -T, only require the attributes that are actually use…

RT @OpenBSD_src: djm@ modified usr.bin/ssh/PROTOCOL.certkeys: typos in ECDSA certificate names; bz#2787 reported by Mike Gerow

RT @OpenBSD_src: djm@ modified usr.bin/ssh/ssh.1: Private keys in PEM format have been encrypted by AES-128 for a while (not 3DES). bz#2788…

RT @OpenBSD_src: djm@ modified usr.bin/ssh/cipher.c: avoid unused variable warnings for !WITH_OPENSSL; patch from Marcus Folkesson

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jca@ modified games/gnuchess: Upgrade to gnuchess-6.2.5 Drop unneeded pthread override while here.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jca@ modified net/samba/Makefile: Using lld for samba alone is not enough, remove tentative fix eg sysutils/usmb doesn't…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rsadowski@ modified security/keepassxc: Update keepassxc to 2.2.2 Changelog:

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified security/openssl: update to openssl-1.0.2m

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ modified games/bastet: Update to bastet-0.43.2.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ changed devel/spidermonkey52: Toggle symbol visibility, otherwise certain symbols are marked as local which are…

OpenBSD changes: 02/11/17 23:00 UTC 03/11 09:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ removed fonts/ja-mplus-ttf: Remove ja-mplus-ttf.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified comms/amtterm/Makefile: replace gettext MODULES

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ modified devel/quirks: ja-mplus-ttf -> mixfont-mplus-ipa

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ modified fonts/Makefile: -ja-mplus-ttf,+mixfont-mplus-ipa

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ imported fonts/mixfont-mplus-ipa: Reimport the incorrectly named ja-mplus-ttf as correct mixfont-mplus-ipa. ok…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified editors/vim: update to a newer vim snapshot, replace devel/gettext MODULES, add missing WANTLIB+=elf for…

RT @OpenBSD_src: nicm@ modified usr.bin/tmux: Make the mode draw function use the parent screen directly rather than its own to avoid copyi…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified a few things: replace gettext module; ok sthen@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ removed meta/haskell-platform: Remove meta/haskell-platform. It's just in the way, especially newer releases which…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kili@ modified meta/Makefile: Unhook meta/haskell-platform.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified x11/gtk+3/Makefile: remove undefined variables

RT @OpenBSD_src: nicm@ modified usr.bin/tmux: Add a "fast" version of screen_write_copy for tree mode that doesn't do all the checks and se…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified devel/py-asn1-modules: Update to py-asn1-modules-0.1.5.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ modified fonts/overpass: Update to overpass-3.0.2.

RT @OpenBSD_www: reyk@ modified events.html: Sorry people, I had to cancel my talk as BSDTW.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jca@ modified net/samba/Makefile: Hopefully fix samba, still using lld; looks like previous commit wasn't enough Also bu…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jca@ modified audio/mpd: Two "bind_to_address" tweaks for mpd - listen on "localhost" instead of ""; helps with…

RT @OpenBSD_src: nicm@ modified usr.bin/tmux: Format for group list of "other sessions" is a bit weird, just list all the sessions in the g…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: OPENBSD_6_2 rsadowski@ changed net/wget: Security for CVE-2017-13089 and CVE-2017-13090. "Fix stack overflow in HTTP pro…

RT @OpenBSD_src: nicm@ modified usr.bin/tmux: Tweak previous slightly so that current session is chosen if it is in the group rather than f…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ modified fonts/Makefile: +vlgothic

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ modified devel/Makefile: +xtensa-elf

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ imported devel/xtensa-elf: Import xtensa-elf-gcc and xtensa-elf-binutils. ok stsp@ No conflicts created by this…

RT @OpenBSD_src: nicm@ modified usr.bin/tmux: Only show the first member of session groups in tree mode (-G flag disables).

RT @OpenBSD_src: nicm@ modified usr.bin/tmux/screen.c: There is no point in reflowing panes which have not changed width.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ imported fonts/vlgothic: Import vlgothic-20141206. VLGothic and VLPGothic are a Japanese TrueType font family f…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified x11/gnome/screenshot/patches/patch-src_meson_build: merged

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified devel/p5-libintl: Update to p5-libintl-1.27.

RT @OpenBSD_src: remi@ modified share/man/man5/remote.5: Capability dc is supported by cu(1) since r1.22. ok nicm@ danj@ jca@ jmc@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified devel/p5-Glib-Object-Introspection: Update to p5-Glib-Object-Introspection-0.043.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified print/ghostscript/gnu/Makefile: replace gettext module and sync wantlib; ok kili@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified devel/p5-Glib2: Update to p5-Glib2-1.326.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified devel/subversion/Makefile: replace gettext module; ok stsp@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ changed textproc/pdfpc: update to pdfpc-4.1

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified sysutils/terraform/provider-azurerm: Update to terraform-provider-azurerm-0.3.2.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified sysutils/borgmatic: update to borgmatic-1.1.9

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified sysutils/consul-template: update to consul-template-0.19.4

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified net/samba/Makefile: build samba with -fuse-ld=lld on CLANG_ARCHS, ok jca@ jca@ jca@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ modified sysutils/libfvde: update libfvde to 20170930. ok benoit@

RT @OpenBSD_src: visa@ modified sys/arch/octeon: Assign each cnmac(4) port its own input work group, and assign the interrupt processing of…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified education/verbiste: maintenance update to 0.1.45 (C++11 fixes)

OpenBSD changes: 02/11/17 17:00 UTC 03/11 03:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpe@ modified devel/Makefile: add expect-lite

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpe@ imported devel/expect-lite: Import expect-lite-4.9.0 Comment: mature, quick and easy command line automation tool D…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: espie@ added devel/xdg-user-dirs/patches/patch-Makefile_in: fix link

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified devel/meson/ Add --sharedstatedir="/var/db".

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified devel/meson/ Add support for ${LOCALSTATEDIR}.

RT @OpenBSD_src: jmc@ modified share/man/man4/man4.alpha: sundry tweaks; ok mpi

RT @OpenBSD_src: rpe@ modified distrib/miniroot/install.sub: Fix this test by adding _http_proto to INSTALL_MIRROR.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified x11/gnome/bijiben: update to bijiben-3.26.2

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/initial-setup: Update to gnome-initial-setup-3.26.0.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: espie@ modified comms/minimodem/Makefile: fix bogus link line.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified devel/meson/ Update comment.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: espie@ modified games/pacman-arena/Makefile: explicitly link with -lm as the main program requires it. fixes link with l…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: espie@ modified games/f1spirit/Makefile: if using C++ just say it! this game's build system is moronic. fixes link with…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bluhm@ modified devel/p5-File-Find-Object/Makefile: Portroach must skip versions that follow a different schema.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sebastia@ modified databases/puppetdb4/Makefile: remove the MODRUBY_FLAVOR dependency to puppet again, it doesn't have a…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: espie@ modified games/egoboo/patches/patch-game_Makefile_unix: explicitly link with -lm, as the main program uses it. fi…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/settings-daemon: Update to gnome-settings-daemon-3.26.2.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: espie@ modified games/clonekeen/Makefile: game explicitly uses -lm, don't get it accidentally from sdl fixes link with l…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified devel/cmake/ add a !defined(CONFIGURE_ARGS) check to unbreak cmake things that don't set C…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: espie@ modified games/bomberclone/Makefile: do like solaris does, explicitly link with -lm, because bomberclone uses it…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bluhm@ modified devel/p5-Test-Deep-JSON: update p5-Test-Deep-JSON to 0.04 module moved from Module::Build to Module::Bui…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/totem: Update to totem-3.26.0.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: espie@ modified games/beret/patches/patch-Makefile: correct link with lld

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified databases/puppetdb4/Makefile: Bump plugin subpackage after ruby default version change Also, use MODRUB…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: espie@ modified games/ace/Makefile: configure bogosity: set BUILD_CC to avoid linking with gcc when using clang

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified www/nginx/Makefile: Bump passenger subpackage and allow it to work with ruby 2.4. noticed by naddy@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ modified sysutils/libfsntfs: update libfsntfs to 20170315. ok and inputs from benoit@.

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ modified a couple things: sync

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ changed many things: Switch DEC 3000 (TURBOchannel) alpha serial code to MI z8530 code. ttyB* minor numbers change; b…

RT @OpenBSD_src: otto@ modified lib/libc/stdlib/malloc.c: 's' should include 'f'; from Jacqueline Jolicoeur

RT @OpenBSD_src: florian@ modified sys: Move PRU_DETACH out of pr_usrreq into per proto pr_detach functions to pave way for more fine grain…

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ modified lib/libfuse/fuse.c: Check if the arguments are NULL instead of dereferencing them blindly. Delete incorrect…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified security/letsencrypt: update to certbot-0.19.0

RT @OpenBSD_src: bluhm@ changed lib/libexpat: Update libexpat to 2.2.5. Changes for OpenBSD include a few bug fixes, no library bump needed…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: espie@ modified editors/ted/Makefile: avoid auto-detecting gcc during build (bitmap configure), explicitly pass CC thru…

RT @OpenBSD_src: florian@ modified sys/netinet6/in6.c: Over 17 years is probably 'a while...' Also it does not change behaviour. OK jca

RT @OpenBSD_ports: espie@ modified audio/paulstretch/patches/patch-compile_linux_kissfft_sh: if compile script fails, fail

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified net/librenms: update to librenms-1.33.01, regression fix for ping-only devices

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified net/nagios/check_postgres: update to check_postgres-2.23.0

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jca@ changed audio/paulstretch: Patch forgotten in previous, oops

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ changed x11/gnome/session: Update to gnome-session-3.26.1.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ changed x11/gnome/control-center: Update to gnome-control-center-3.26.2.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/settings-daemon: Update to gnome-settings-daemon-3.26.1.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: espie@ added sysutils/safecat/patches/patch-Makefile: fix link with lld

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified textproc/Makefile: +py-polib,python3

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified textproc/py-polib/Makefile: zap stray newline

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ changed textproc/py-polib: add py3 flavour to py-polib, from semarie

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ updated cvs/ports/textproc/py-polib/patches: Directory /cvs/ports/textproc/py-polib/patches added to the reposito…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified net/librenms: update to librenms-1.33

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jca@ modified devel/liburcu: Update to liburcu-0.8.9 Brings in aarch64 support. make test-ed on amd64, arm, sparc64; net…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ changed games/gottcode: Install man pages in the correct location.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ updated cvs/ports/games/gottcode/connectagram/patches: Directory /cvs/ports/games/gottcode/connectagram/patch…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ modified security/libbde: update libbde to 20170902. ok and inputs benoit@.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jca@ modified audio/paulstretch/Makefile: (Tentative) unbreak with lld + respect CXX/CXXFLAGS prodded by espie@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: espie@ modified audio/gogglesmm/Makefile: fix lld link, we explicitly have to link with -lintl for nls support

RT @OpenBSD_ports: espie@ modified games/xbill/Makefile: the tarball lies. fix link with lld

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified x11/gnome/screenshot/patches/patch-src_meson_build: submitted upstream

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified x11/gnome/eog: update to eog-3.26.1

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified x11/gnome/eog-plugins: update to eog-plugins-3.26.1

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified x11/gnome/eog: update to eog-3.26.0

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified graphics/evince: update to evince-3.26.0

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ changed x11/gnome/recipes: update to gnome-recipes-2.0.0

RT @OpenBSD_src: jca@ modified usr.sbin/makefs/msdos/mkfs_msdos.c: Use emalloc, like in the rest of makefs From Michael W. Bombardieri

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified devel/cmake/ Don't override CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE if a port wants to take control. ok landry@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified mail/roundcubemail: update to roundcubemail-1.3.2

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified x11/gnome/file-roller: update to file-roller-3.26.2

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified x11/gnome/calendar: update to gnome-calendar-3.26.2

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified x11/gnome/calculator: update to gnome-calculator-3.26.0

RT @OpenBSD_src: tb@ modified games/primes/primes.c: Straightforward conversion to strtonum. Slight change of behavior in that trailing whi…

OpenBSD changes: 02/11/17 11:00 UTC 02/11 21:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ changed devel/llvm: [Sparc] Account for bias in stack readjustment. from Brad (maintainer)

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/code-assistance/Makefile: Missed bump after ruby version change. reported by naddy@

RT @OpenBSD_src: tb@ modified etc/ksh.kshrc: Replace ps | grep with pgrep and use && instead of if-then-fi. From Raf Czlonka. ok halex

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified lang/ruby: Move most shared logic from ruby version-specific Makefiles to Drop the use of…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified x11/gnome/screenshot/Makefile: missing BDEP on appstream-glib

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ modified sysutils/Makefile: + SUBDIR += py-tsk,python3

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ modified sysutils/py-tsk: update py-tsk to 20170802, and enable python3 flavor. ok benoit@.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified sysutils/awscli: Update to awscli-1.11.179.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified net/py-botocore: Update to py-botocore-1.7.37.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified print/cups: Update to cups-2.2.6.

RT @OpenBSD_src: jca@ modified usr.bin/pr/pr.c: Kill bogus use of LC_TIME Diff from Jan Stary, ok kettenis@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ modified textproc/uncrustify: update uncrustify to 0.65. ok benoit@.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sebastia@ changed www/puppetboard: Update Puppetboard to 0.3.0

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/screenshot/Makefile: Find X11/extensions/shape.h. Regen WANTLIB while here.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified sysutils/ruby-puppet/4/Makefile: Missed bump after ruby version change.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sebastia@ modified textproc/Makefile: hook up py-commonmark and its python3 flavor

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sebastia@ imported textproc/py-commonmark: Import py-commonmark a Python parser for the CommonMark Markdown spec. OK lan…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sebastia@ modified www/py-wtforms: update to 2.1 OK bcallah@ already some time ago

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sebastia@ changed www/py-flask-wtf: update to 0.14.2 OK landry@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ changed devel/py-future: install supplementary files for Python 2 only. ok sebastia@.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: giovanni@ modified mail/maildrop/Makefile: unbreak, needs no-autoheader spotted by naddy@, Thanks

RT @OpenBSD_src: tb@ modified bin/ksh/alloc.c: Switch calloc(3) back to malloc(3). The call to calloc was introduced by the plaintext histo…

OpenBSD changes: 02/11/17 05:00 UTC 02/11 15:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_src: mestre@ modified usr.bin/openssl/s_time.c: openssl s_time -connect host:port needs dns promise for pledge(2) otherwise it…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ changed x11/gnome/clocks: Update to gnome-clocks-3.26.1.

OpenBSD changes: 01/11/17 23:00 UTC 02/11 09:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/music: Update to gnome-music-3.26.1.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/photos: Unbreak by updating to gnome-photos-3.26.1.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/latexila: Update to latexila-3.26.1.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ removed x11/gnome/gtef: Remove, it now lives under x11/gnome/tepl

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/Makefile: +tepl -gtef

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified databases/Makefile: +postgresql-plr

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ imported x11/gnome/tepl: Import tepl-3.0.0 from x11/gnome/gtef (it got renamed) and update to version 3.0.0.…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ imported databases/postgresql-plr: Import postgresql-plr PL/R is a loadable procedural language that en…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified lang/mruby: Update to mruby 1.3.0

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified devel/quirks: Add quirks for ruby ports for no longer supported ruby versions OK espie@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified mail/evolution-rss/Makefile: Sync WANTLIB.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified mail/evolution-ews: Update to evolution-ews-3.26.2.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified mail/evolution: Update to evolution-3.26.2.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ changed x11/gnome/todo: Update to gnome-todo-3.26.2.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified databases/evolution-data-server: Update to evolution-data-server-

RT @OpenBSD_ports: danj@ modified www/Makefile: + py-genshi,python3

RT @OpenBSD_ports: danj@ modified www/py-genshi: Add a py3 flavor by using Debian patches From semarie

RT @OpenBSD_ports: danj@ modified textproc/ripgrep: Update to ripgrep-0.7.0 From semarie

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ updated cvs/ports/x11/gnome/todo/patches: Directory /cvs/ports/x11/gnome/todo/patches added to the repository

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ changed sysutils/ruby-vlad: Remove pessimistic version guard for rake Fixes usage with ruby 2.4+ Found by naddy@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified devel/libpeas/Makefile: Explicitely --disable-lua5* and regen WANTLIB to unbreak.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified security/arirang/Makefile: Missed bump after default ruby version change Noticed by naddy@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jturner@ modified www/kcgi: Update kcgi to 0.9.9

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified x11/gnome/font-viewer: update to gnome-font-viewer-3.26.0

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ changed x11/gnome/screenshot: update to gnome-screenshot-3.26.0

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/nautilus: Update to nautilus-3.26.0 and unbreak.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified a few things: No need for MODPY_ADJ_FILES anymore, the meson MODULE takes care of this.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified devel/meson: Hardcode python version for now to ease port work. To be revisited in the next days. di…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/nautilus-sendto/Makefile: Drop uneeded FAKE_FLAGS.

RT @OpenBSD_src: espie@ modified usr.sbin/pkg_add/OpenBSD: don't look directly at PKG_CACHE, but ask the state, so that only pkg_add actual…

RT @OpenBSD_www: landry@ modified 62.html: Actual numbers for ppc & sparc64 pkgs, reminded by phessler@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ changed security/shash: /dev/srandom has been removed, just use /dev/random as everywhere else

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ updated cvs/ports/security/shash/patches: Directory /cvs/ports/security/shash/patches added to the repository

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified meta/gnome/Makefile: Welcome GNOME 3.26.2! (well, half of it so far...)

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ changed x11/gnome/desktop: Update to gnome-desktop-3.26.2.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified mail/mixmaster: /dev/srandom has been removed, just use /dev/random as everywhere else

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified devel/spidermonkey52: Use CC and CXX to link and don't add soname.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bluhm@ modified devel/Makefile: +p5-Term-Table

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ changed security/mcrypt: /dev/srandom has been removed, just use /dev/random as everywhere else. Replace gettext…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ changed editors/sci*: Update to Scintilla and SciTE 4.0.2 OK landry@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bluhm@ imported devel/p5-Term-Table: import p5-Term-Table 0.012 OK benoit@ Comment: format a header and rows into a tabl…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/gvfs: Update to gvfs-1.34.1.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ modified geo/Makefile: Link gdal python3 FLAVOR to the build

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ modified geo/gdal: Update to gdal 2.2.2. - While here add a python3 FLAVOR, n...

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rsadowski@ changed audio/libgpod: Unbreak build with swig 3.0.13

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rsadowski@ modified devel/swig: Update swig to 3.0.12 jeremy@ tested ruby bindings, landry@ ran a bulk and ok

OpenBSD changes: 01/11/17 17:00 UTC 02/11 03:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ changed devel/vte3: update to vte-0.50.2

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified x11/gnome/characters: update to gnome-characters-3.26.2

RT @OpenBSD_src: jca@ modified usr.sbin/unbound/services/listen_dnsport.c: Extra space in previous

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ changed security/libgsasl: Don't try to use obsolete /dev/*random devices for OpenBSD. Replace gettext module.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified x11/gnome: remove telepathy-glib from WANTLIB

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ updated cvs/ports/security/libgsasl/patches: Directory /cvs/ports/security/libgsasl/patches added to the reposito…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified devel/quirks: Register removal of libnice.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified x11/gnome/online-accounts: update to gnome-online-accounts-3.26.1

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ changed net: Remove libnice, nothing uses it anymore.

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ modified sys/ddb/db_ctf.c: Remove forward declaration hack now that ctfconv(1) merge them correctly. ok jasper@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/tweak-tool: Update to gnome-tweak-tool-3.26.3.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified devel/quirks: register recent telepathy removals

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ changed net: remove now-unused farstream, telepathy-farstream and telepathy-qt

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified x11/kde4/kr*: remove telepathy-qt support which has also been removed upstream checked by rsadowski@

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ modified usr.bin/ctfdump/elf.c: Disable relocation until it is shown to be necessary. This code is present here becau…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: tb@ changed net/ircII: fix an off-by-one in double_quote() which broke tab completion and occasionally led to crashes ok…

RT @OpenBSD_www: rpe@ modified hackathons.html: p2k17 is a ports hackathon

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified devel/quirks: register telepathy removals

RT @OpenBSD_www: deraadt@ changed a few things: p2k17 has begun

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ changed net/telepathy: remove now-unused telepathy components

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified meta/gnome/Makefile: Add dependency on x11/gnome/tracker-miners.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/Makefile: +tracker-miners

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ imported x11/gnome/tracker-miners: Import tracker-miners-2.0.2. Tracker (named meta-tracker on OpenBSD to pre…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ changed x11/gnome: the lack of empathy in x11/gnome rises to new levels. telepathy is basically unmaintained ups…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/grilo-plugins/Makefile: Bump TRACKER_API.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/online-miners: Update to gnome-online-miners-3.26.0.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ changed x11/gnome/tracker: Update to meta-tracker-2.0.1.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome: Temporarily mark as BROKEN until these are updated to work with the upcoming tracker upda…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified meta/gnome/Makefile: empathy is going away; remove it from gnome-extras

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ changed security/gnupg: /dev/srandom has been removed, just use /dev/random as everywhere else

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rsadowski@ modified graphics/libwebp: Update libwebp to 0.6.0 ok landry@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified x11/gnome/gucharmap: update to gucharmap-10.0.3

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified textproc/unicode-ucd: update to unicode-ucd-10.0.0

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ modified editors/py-qscintilla/Makefile: Ensure configure picks the right sip version Fixes a build failure repo…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified x11/gnome/libgnomekbd: update to libgnomekbd-3.26.0

RT @OpenBSD_src: visa@ modified sys/arch/octeon: Add readiness to utilize LMTDMA operations.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ modified x11/Makefile: Link qwt's qt5 FLAVOR to the build

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ changed devel/cryptopp: /dev/srandom has been removed, just use /dev/random as everywhere else

RT @OpenBSD_src: visa@ modified sys/arch/octeon/include/octeonvar.h: Fix the addressing of CVMSEG. The base address already points to the c…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ removed x11/kde4/smokeqt/patches/patch-qwt_qwt_includes_h: Remove now useless patch, qwt 6 provides qwt_plot_svg…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ changed x11/qwt: Updqte to qwt 6.1.3 Went in a bulk build without fallout, and a requirement for QGIS3. Remove t…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified x11/gnome/libgweather: update to libgweather-3.26.0

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bluhm@ changed security/p5-Net_SSLeay: update p5-Net-SSLeay to 1.82 patches have been applied upstream

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ changed devel/vte3: update to vte-0.50.1

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/libgda/Makefile: Regen WANTLIB to unbreak. reported by naddy@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jca@ changed security/sshlockout: Basic doas(1) instructions for sshlockout sshlockout needs root privileges to modify p…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: OPENBSD_6_2 stsp@ changed devel/apr-util: For 6.2-stable: Fix CVE-2017-12618; Out-of-bounds access in corrupted SDBM dat…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sebastia@ modified sysutils/py-elasticsearch-curator: update to 5.3.0

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sebastia@ modified www/py-urllib3: update to 1.22

RT @OpenBSD_ports: OPENBSD_6_2 stsp@ changed devel/apr: For 6.2-stable: Fix CVE-2017-12613 (from

RT @OpenBSD_src: florian@ modified usr.sbin/nsd/server.c: Make ip-transparent option work by using SO_BINDANY. OK jca, benno jca also point…

RT @OpenBSD_src: florian@ modified usr.sbin/unbound: Make ip-transparent option work by using SO_BINDANY. OK jca, benno

RT @OpenBSD_src: jmc@ modified share/man/man5/ruby-module.5: add missing El, though i'm sort of guessing as to its position;

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified devel/libpeas: update to libpeas-1.22.0

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ modified security/qca-qt5: Enable the ossl plugin (putting it in the main package). qca-qt5 can't use plugins fr…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified lang/ruby: Update DISTNAME in ruby for newer ruby dist file naming

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ modified databases/py-carbon: prune fake from .orig/.beforesubst remnants

OpenBSD changes: 01/11/17 11:00 UTC 01/11 21:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_src: jeremy@ modified share/man/man5/ruby-module.5: Update ruby-module.5 for default ruby version switch from 2.3 to 2.4 Also r…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified textproc/redland-bindings/Makefile: Rename ruby-librdf package name to rubyXY-librdf For consistency wi…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified net/rrdtool/Makefile: Rename ruby-rrdtool package to rubyXY-rrdtool For consistency with other ruby lib…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified devel/subversion: Rename ruby-subversion package to be rubyXY-subversion This makes it similar to all o…

RT @OpenBSD_src: espie@ modified usr.bin/mandoc/term_ps.c: shrink the generated PostScript by more than 50% by actually using PostScript -…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified many things: Bump ports after default ruby version switch to ruby 2.4

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ removed lang/ruby/ruby18.PLIST: Remove ruby18.PLIST This is not needed now that ruby 1.8 support has been remove…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified lang/ruby/ Switch default ruby version to ruby 2.4 Also remove ruby 1.8, 2.1, and 2.2 supp…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ removed lang/ruby: Remove ruby 1.8, 2.1, and 2.2 All ports that previously required ruby 1.8 have either been re…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified lang/ruby/Makefile: Unlink ruby 1.8, 2.1, and 2.2

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ removed devel/ruby-*: Remove ruby-gems and ruby-rake Both of these ship with ruby 1.9+, and these ports were onl…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified devel/Makefile: Unlink ruby-gems and ruby-rake

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ removed databases/ruby-*: Remove ruby-data_objects, ruby-do_*, and ruby-swift-db-* ports None of these are used…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jeremy@ modified databases/Makefile: Unlink ruby-data_objects, ruby-do_*, and ruby-swift-db-* ports

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ modified sys/netinet: Fix typo in previous resulting in a NULL dereference.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/kde4/workspace/Makefile: Unbreak build with dbus >= 1.12.0.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/dbus: Update to dbus-1.12.0.

OpenBSD changes: 01/11/17 05:00 UTC 01/11 15:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_src: djm@ modified usr.bin/ssh/ssh.c: fix broken stdout in ControlPersist mode, introduced by me in r1.467 and reported by Alf…

OpenBSD changes: 31/10/17 23:00 UTC 01/11 09:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bluhm@ modified devel/Makefile: +p5-Sub-Info

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bluhm@ imported devel/p5-Sub-Info: import p5-Sub-Info 0.002 OK sthen@ benoit@ Comment: tool for inspecting subroutines D…

RT @OpenBSD_src: sashan@ modified sys/net: - add one more softnet taskq NOTE: code still runs with single softnet task. change definition o…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ modified sysutils/sleuthkit: update sleuthkit to 4.5.0. ok nigel@.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rsadowski@ changed multimedia/kguitar: Update kguitar to -20170809 (Github commit date) - Switch to Github / https://t.c…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ modified security/sqlmap: updte sqlmap to 1.1.10. ok gonzalo@.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/getting-started-docs: Update to gnome-getting-started-docs-3.26.2.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/totem/Makefile: Regen WANTLIB to unbreak.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/user-docs: Update to gnome-user-docs-3.26.2.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rsadowski@ modified net/wget: Update wget to 1.19.2. This release includes fixes for CVE-2017-13089 and CVE-2017-13090.…

RT @OpenBSD_src: anton@ modified usr.sbin/wsconscfg/wsconscfg.c: Replace usage of WSMUX_{ADD,REMOVE}_DEVICE compat macros. ok deraadt@, mpi@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified textproc/gtranslator/Makefile: Regen WANTLIB to unbreak.

RT @OpenBSD_src: guenther@ modified gnu/usr.bin/binutils-2.17/ld: Make -zdefs and --no-undefined no-ops for now, to unblock ports devs at p…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/builder/Makefile: Regen WANTLIB to unbreak.

OpenBSD changes: 31/10/17 17:00 UTC 01/11 03:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/devhelp/Makefile: Regen WANTLIB to unbreak.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified geo/gpx-viewer/Makefile: Sync WANTLIB to unbreak.

RT @OpenBSD_src: guenther@ modified lib/libc: Argh: put back some linker-supplied symbols to avoid triggering a bug in binutils that result…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified print/cups: Change mode of the /etc/printcap link to please security(8).

RT @OpenBSD_ports: juanfra@ modified lang/racket-minimal: Update to Racket 6.11.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/gdl/Makefile: Regen WANTLIB to unbreak.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/latexila/Makefile: Regen WANTLIB to unbreak.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/xfce4/xfce4-notifyd/Makefile: Regen WANTLIB to unbreak.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ modified infrastructure/db/ <net/slip.h> has been removed

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/yelp/Makefile: Regen WANTLIB to unbreak.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: juanfra@ changed devel/hgview: hgview has been broken since August. repo.join has been deprecated since Mercurial 4.2. R…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: OPENBSD_6_2 juanfra@ changed devel/hgview: hgview has been broken since August. repo.join has been deprecated since Merc…

RT @OpenBSD_src: yasuoka@ modified usr.sbin/makefs: Add platform-id for EFI. seem fine deraadt

RT @OpenBSD_src: yasuoka@ modified usr.sbin/makefs/cd9660/cd9660_eltorito.c: Fix a bug which made the boot entries' order reverse, introduc…

RT @OpenBSD_src: yasuoka@ modified usr.sbin/makefs/cd9660/cd9660_eltorito.c: Initialize boot_catalog_entry's entry_type properly. This had…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/dconf-editor: Update to dconf-editor-3.26.2.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/tracker/Makefile: Regen WANTLIB to unbreak.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified a couple things: Sync WANTLIB to unbreak.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified net/quagga/patches/patch-lib_sockopt_c: simplify patch by removing a chunk which is #ifdef'd to only be…

OpenBSD changes: 31/10/17 11:00 UTC 31/10 21:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ modified usr.bin/ctfconv: Merge type forward declarations with real ones as soon as they are found.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ modified textproc/apertium-dicts/cat: Update to apertium-cat-2.3.1.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ changed net/quagga: update to quagga-1.0.20161017 (not the latest, but a simpler change than 1.1+ which touches t…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/dictionary/Makefile: Add MODGNOME_TOOLS += docbook. Needed to prevent going online to get…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gtk+3/Makefile: Bump to unbreak after at-spi2-atk lost its dependency on xkbcommon.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: giovanni@ changed mail/maildrop: update to 2.9.2, remove a patch committed upstream

RT @OpenBSD_ports: giovanni@ changed mail/courier-imap: update to 4.18.2, remove a patch committed upstream

RT @OpenBSD_ports: giovanni@ changed mail/p5-Mail-SpamAssassin: backport a couple of bug fixes from trunk

RT @OpenBSD_ports: giovanni@ modified misc/memcached: update to 1.5.2 and simplify pledge(1) patch ok rsadowski@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/aisleriot: Update to aisleriot-3.22.4.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified mail/mimedefang: Update to mimedefang-2.83.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bentley@ modified www/sblg: Update to sblg-0.4.10.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified security/libhttpseverywhere: Update to libhttpseverywhere-0.6.3.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/at-spi2-atk: Update to at-spi2-atk-2.26.1.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/at-spi2-core: Update to at-spi2-core-2.26.2.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified graphics/simple-scan: Update to simple-scan-3.26.2.

OpenBSD changes: 31/10/17 05:00 UTC 31/10 15:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: abieber@ modified lang/node: bump to latest. Full changelog here:

RT @OpenBSD_www: schwarze@ modified innovations.html: mention cvs2gitdump

RT @OpenBSD_www: schwarze@ modified innovations.html: mention start years for projects maintained by OpenBSD developers outside OpenBSD

OpenBSD changes: 30/10/17 23:00 UTC 31/10 09:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_src: sashan@ modified sys/net/pf_ioctl.c: - fine tuning PF_LOCK in pfioctl() (extra thanks to Hrvoje for testing) OK mpi@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bluhm@ modified devel/Makefile: p5-Importer

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bluhm@ imported devel/p5-Importer: import p5-Importer 0.024 OK benoit@ Comment: alternative but compatible interface to…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified net/isc-bind/Makefile: Force use of /dev/random for BIND, overriding an OpenBSD-specific check in upstre…

RT @OpenBSD_src: djm@ modified regress/usr.bin/ssh/ whitespace at EOL

RT @OpenBSD_src: djm@ modified regress/usr.bin/ssh/ whitespace at EOL

RT @OpenBSD_ports: naddy@ changed mail/postfix/s*: Just use /dev/urandom. The devices have been equivalent since OpenBSD 4.9 and /dev/arand…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kirby@ changed games/dunelegacy: update to dunelegacy-0.96.4 remove patches merged upstream

RT @OpenBSD_ports: feinerer@ modified telephony/baresip/baresip: Update to baresip 0.5.6 Tweaks and OK by czarkoff@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: feinerer@ modified telephony/baresip/rem: Update to librem 0.5.2 OK czarkoff@

RT @OpenBSD_src: krw@ modified sbin/dhclient/dhclient.c: Fix '-L' file handling. Mixing idioms in previous cleanups ended up fopen()'ing th…

OpenBSD changes: 30/10/17 17:00 UTC 31/10 03:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ modified security/pdf-parser: update pdf-parser to 0.6.8.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ modified security/pdfid: small update to 0.2.2.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bcallah@ modified lang/gravity: Bugfix update to gravity-0.3.7

RT @OpenBSD_src: patrick@ modified share/man/man4: List bwfm(4) in usb(4). Prompted by and ok jmc@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ modified geo/Makefile: link py-owslib and py-owslib,python3 to the build

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ imported geo/py-owslib: Import py-owslib-0.15.0. OWSLib is a Python package for client programming with Open Geo…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified editors/py-qscintilla/Makefile: Use proper python MODULE magic. ok landry@

RT @OpenBSD_src: patrick@ modified share/man/man4/bwfm.4: Fix grammar mistake I was supposed to fix before committing.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified geo/py-proj/Makefile: ,${FLAVOR} -> ${MODPY_FLAVOR} ok landry@

RT @OpenBSD_src: patrick@ changed share/man/man4: Add bwfm(4) manpage. ok stsp@

RT @OpenBSD_src: visa@ modified sys/kern/kern_task.c: Let witness(4) differentiate between taskq mutexes to avoid reporting an error in a s…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ modified geo/qgis: Update to QGIS 2.18.14. While here fix WANTLIB for newer qscintilla.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ changed many things: Fixes for depending ports after qscintilla update. Mostly WANTLIB fixes, or cmake patches t…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ modified editors/Makefile: link qscintilla,qt5 and py-qscintilla,qt5 to the build

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ modified editors/py-qscintilla: Update to py-qscintilla 2.10.1. Add a python3/qt5 FLAVOR, required by QGIS3.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ modified editors/qscintilla: Update to qscintilla 2.10.1. Add a qt5 FLAVOR, required by QGIS3. Note that upstrea…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jca@ changed audio/adplug: Fix infinite loop on archs where char is unsigned (arm, powerpc) ok fcambus@ (maintainer)

RT @OpenBSD_ports: kirby@ modified net/seafile: update to seafile-6.1.2

RT @OpenBSD_src: visa@ modified share/man/man9: Document {mtx,rw,rrw}_init_flags() and MUTEX_INITIALIZER_FLAGS(). Input and OK jmc@, OK mpi@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ modified geo/Makefile: Link py-proj,python3 to the build.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ modified geo/py-proj: Add python3 flavor, needed for an upcoming py-owslib port. ok benoit@ (MAINTAINER)

OpenBSD changes: 30/10/17 11:00 UTC 30/10 21:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ changed x11/gnome/color-manager: Update to gnome-color-manager-3.26.0.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ changed x11/gnome/totem-pl-parser: There's some small support for meson(1) in so this…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/ Add support for MODGNOME_LDFLAGS and MODGNOME_CPPFLAGS to meson(1).

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ changed a few things: Kill <net/slip.h>. The ioctl(2) it defines is not supported since a long time and most of its d…

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ modified sbin/ifconfig/ifconfig.c: Exit printing an error message if SIOCSIFMEDIA fails. from Jesper Wallin.

RT @OpenBSD_src: patrick@ modified sbin/iked/ca.c: In the subjectAltName comparison, the bzero before the while-loop was lost while applyin…

RT @OpenBSD_www: bcook@ changed openntpd: release OpenNTPD 6.2p3

RT @OpenBSD_www: bcook@ modified build/Makefile: bump OpenNTPD

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/builder: Regen PLIST and LIB_DEPENDS to unbreak after vala support removal.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified security/glib-openssl: Update to glib-openssl-2.50.6.

RT @OpenBSD_src: otto@ modified lib/libc/regex/regcomp.c: fix oob read; form llvm via Vlad Tsyrklevich; ok millert@

OpenBSD changes: 30/10/17 05:00 UTC 30/10 15:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_src: mlarkin@ changed regress/usr.sbin/vmd/config: add regress tests for new vmd bridge handling code from Carlos Cardenas, tha…

RT @OpenBSD_www: mlarkin@ modified faq/current.html: mention new vmd(8)/vm.conf(5) bridge syntax

RT @OpenBSD_src: mlarkin@ modified usr.sbin/vmd: vmd no longer creates bridges by default. users should create bridges in /etc/hostname.bri…

RT @OpenBSD_www: tj@ modified faq/pf/example1.html: add a link to the list of hostap-capable wireless cards

RT @OpenBSD_src: afresh1@ modified gnu/usr.bin/perl: Apply pre-built unicore patch, remove excess files - perl-5.24.3 ok bluhm@

RT @OpenBSD_src: afresh1@ modified gnu/usr.bin/perl: Apply local patches, remove excess files - perl-5.24.3 OK bluhm@

RT @OpenBSD_src: afresh1@ modified gnu/usr.bin/perl: Fix merge issues, remove excess files - match perl-5.24.3 dist ok bluhm@

OpenBSD changes: 29/10/17 23:00 UTC 30/10 09:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_src: afresh1@ imported gnu/usr.bin/perl: Import perl-5.24.3 ok bluhm@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bluhm@ modified security/p5-IO-Socket-SSL: update p5-IO-Socket-SSL to 2.052

RT @OpenBSD_src: schwarze@ modified usr.bin/ul/ul.1: More HISTORY and AUTHORS, in part from Jonathan de Boyne Pollard via Sevan Janiyan. Ve…

RT @OpenBSD_www: landry@ modified want.html: I love my X200s (which was already a donation), but unfortunately its GMA45 chipset doesn't su…

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ modified sys/dev/usb/if_upl.c: IFF_NOARP has no effect if the interface don't use ether_input() nor ether_output().

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bluhm@ changed misc/p5-File-LibMagic: update p5-File-LibMagic to 1.16 use build dependency instead of included modules

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bluhm@ updated cvs/ports/misc/p5-File-LibMagic/patches: Directory /cvs/ports/misc/p5-File-LibMagic/patches added to the…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified mail/mutt: remove stray / in @pkgpath

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bluhm@ modified textproc/p5-XML-LibXML: update p5-XML-LibXML to 2.0132

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jca@ modified net/tcpdpriv/patches/patch-tcpdpriv_c: Stop including net/slip.h, proposed for removal The code has a fall…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified mail/neomutt: update to neomutt-20171027

RT @OpenBSD_src: schwarze@ modified usr.bin/mandoc/term_ps.c: Print a human-readable media name in the %%DocumentMedia DSC comment and use…

RT @OpenBSD_src: millert@ modified usr.sbin/spamdb/spamdb.*: Allow keys to be specified on the command line in list mode, for looking up sp…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ modified x11/xfce4/xfce4-genmon: Update to xfce4-genmon 4.0.1.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jca@ modified devel/keystone/Makefile: Missing bdep on python Spotted by rpe@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bcallah@ changed devel/astyle: Long overdue update to astyle-3.0.1, and take MAINTAINER. ok fcambus@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bcallah@ modified games/Makefile: +cataclysm-dda

RT @OpenBSD_ports: bcallah@ imported games/cataclysm-dda: Import games/cataclysm-dda, a rogue-like zombie survival game. Submitted by Tim M…

RT @OpenBSD_src: schwarze@ modified usr.bin/less/filename.c: After fstat(2) failure, trying lseek(2) is useless, so delete it. Based on a s…

OpenBSD changes: 29/10/17 17:00 UTC 30/10 03:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ modified x11/xfce4/xfce4-pulseaudio: Update to xfce4-pulseaudio 0.3.2.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gtk+3: Update to gtk+3-3.22.25.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified mail/gmime30: Update to gmime30-3.0.3.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/librsvg: Re-add the vala bindings now that we are skipping valadoc(1) in lang/vala.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ changed lang/vala: Patch out valadoc for the time being; it introduces lots of cyclic deps. We'll revisit it…

RT @OpenBSD_src: florian@ modified sys/netinet/ip_input.c: This doesn't need the NET_LOCK, everything is protected by a mutex. OK mpi, visa

RT @OpenBSD_src: florian@ modified sys: Move NET_{,UN}LOCK into individual slowtimo functions. Direction suggested by mpi OK mpi, visa

RT @OpenBSD_ports: robert@ modified www/chromium: unbreak chromium by re-adding a lost pledge(2) patch from the update

RT @OpenBSD_ports: gonzalo@ modified security/lynis: Update for Lynis to 2.5.6 OK benoit@

RT @OpenBSD_src: aoyama@ modified gnu/usr.bin: Unify protoize.1 install process on gcc3 arch (luna88k). ok guenther@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ modified x11/xfce4/xfce4-notifyd: Update to xfce4-notifyd 0.4.0.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified security/libgcrypt: Remove useless includes.

OpenBSD changes: 29/10/17 11:00 UTC 29/10 21:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified textproc/gspell: Update to gspell-1.6.1.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/builder/Makefile: Fix comment.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ modified x11/xfce4/xfce4-weather: Update to xfce4-weather 0.8.10.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified devel/spidermonkey*: Fix comment.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified games/0ad/base/Makefile: Remove old comment about spidermonkey, it does not use it anymore; no idea…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified textproc/gxml/Makefile: Explicitely pass --disable-docs in case we have valadoc(1) around; I think i…

RT @OpenBSD_xenocar: matthieu@ modified driver/xf86-input-synaptics/tools/syndaemon.c: Use SA_RESETHAND rather than SA_ONESHOT The latter i…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ changed devel/json-glib: update to json-glib-1.4.2

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified devel/gobject-introspection: update to gobject-introspection-1.54.1

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified devel/radare2/bindings/Makefile: bump after vala update reminded by aja@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified x11/gnome: recognize vala-0.38

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified x11/gnome/builder/Makefile: missed bump that got lost in merging -r1.56

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ modified x11/gnome/builder: disable vala support for now, it will be auto-unbroken when updating gnome-builder n…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jasper@ changed lang/vala: - update to vala-0.38.2 - split valadoc into subpackage (merged into vala upstream) ok aja@

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ modified sys/arch/alpha/tc/tc*: Finish TURBOchannel scatter/gather map code (i.e. make it work) and enable it when av…

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ modified many things: Prefer <elf.h> to the non portable <sys/exec_elf.h>. ok jca@, deraadt@

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ modified share/man/man9/ratecheck.9: Sync example with description. From Bryan Linton.

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ modified sys/net: Kill unused members using forward declaration only types. Found with ctfconv(1). ok jsg@, guenther@

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/librsvg: Disable vala bindings for the time being to prevent a cyclic dependency with the…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified print/poppler/Makefile: Drop LIB_DEPENDS from -main to prevent inheriting the Qt 4 and 5 dependencie…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ changed x11/gnome/totem-pl-parser: Re-add meson patch to properly detect libgcrypt. Fix a couple of leaks (fr…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rpointel@ modified security/zaproxy: update zaproxy to 2.6.0. ok steven@.

OpenBSD changes: 29/10/17 05:00 UTC 29/10 15:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_src: guenther@ modified lib/libc/arch/arm: Stop exporting _memcpy, an implementation detail of bcopy/memcpy/memmove ok kettenis…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ changed x11/gnome/libsecret: Handle EAGAIN.

RT @OpenBSD_src: guenther@ changed lib/libc/arch/sparc64: Remove __builtin_saveregs: gcc hasn't used it for years. suggested by miod@ ok ke…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: OPENBSD_6_2 landry@ modified www/mozilla-firefox: MFC: update to firefox 56.0.2. See

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ added devel/spidermonkey52/patches/patch-moz_configure: Don't pick up gawk, doxygen...

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/dictionary: Update to gnome-dictionary-3.26.1.

RT @OpenBSD_src: guenther@ modified lib/libc/arch/aarch64: Typo: 'end' should have been '_end', which is already exported/imported. Also, '…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ changed mail/geary: Update to geary 0.12.0. Finally switched to webkitgtk4.

RT @OpenBSD_src: guenther@ modified lib/libc/Symbols.list: Eliminate some more linker generated symbols that aren't needed. ok kettenis@

RT @OpenBSD_src: guenther@ modified lib/libc/thread/rthread_once.c: If the init_routine used with pthread_once() is canceled, then we need…

RT @OpenBSD_src: guenther@ changed many things: Change pthread_cleanup_{push,pop} to macros that store the cleanup info on the stack instea…

RT @OpenBSD_src: kettenis@ modified lib/libc/arch/arm/Symbols.list: Stop exporting some symbols internal to the softfloat implementation, u…

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ modified lib/libc/gen/sysctl.3: No need to include <sys/param.h> before <sys/sysctl.h>. ok deraadt@, jca@

OpenBSD changes: 28/10/17 22:00 UTC 29/10 08:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ changed geo/pdal: Update to pdal 1.6.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified a few things: Regen WANTLIB.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified textproc/gspell: Update to gspell-1.6.0.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ modified geo/pgrouting: Update pgrouting to 2.5.1.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/orca: Update to orca-3.26.0.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified geo/gpx-viewer/Makefile: Regen WANTLIB.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/gdl: Update to gdl-3.26.0.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ changed www/lighttpd: Update to lighttpd-1.4.47. from Brad (maintainer)

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ changed geo/postgis: Updqte to postgis 2.4.1.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ changed sysutils/upower: Update to upower 0.99.6. See &...

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ modified fonts/symbola-ttf: Update to 10.03, cleanup distfile handling while here. Thx ajacoutot@ for hosting th…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ modified fonts/fira-fonts/distinfo: Regen distinfo, was rerolled upstream.

OpenBSD changes: 28/10/17 16:00 UTC 29/10 02:00 obsd to All // ответить

RT @OpenBSD_src: schwarze@ modified lib/libc/sys/stat.2: consistently use .Vt for variable types and use ".Fa path" where appropriate; one…

RT @OpenBSD_src: mikeb@ modified usr.bin/netstat/mbuf.c: Bring "netstat -m" output up to speed with the kernel The kernel no longer sets wa…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: landry@ modified geo/mapcache: Bugfix update to mapcache 1.6.1. Fixes CVE-2017-12808

RT @OpenBSD_src: bru@ modified sys/dev/i2c/iatp.c: Add the compat-mode setup for wsmouse.

RT @OpenBSD_ports: jca@ modified devel/gtest/Makefile: Give this a chance on arm, build with -O0 if base gcc is used This makes clang from…

RT @OpenBSD_src: bru@ modified sys/dev/pckbc/pms.c: Adapt the Elantech handlers (v1-3) to the new wsmouse infrastructure. The new versions…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: rsadowski@ modified x11/qt5/qtdeclarative/Makefile: add USE_WXNEEDED to avoid crashes in qmlplugindump

RT @OpenBSD_ports: abieber@ modified security/gopass: Bump to latest Changes: [ENHANCEMENT] Re-introduce usecolor config option [#414] [ENH…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ changed many things: Bump after recent meson + module change. Drop now undeeded patches since we have SHARED_…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ changed devel/meson: Add support for SHARED_LIBS: default to 0.0 to make it more convenient for new ports. Do…

RT @OpenBSD_src: mpi@ modified usr.bin/ctfconv/parse.c: Document the use of a rbtree for resolving types inside a single CU. No functional…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: sthen@ modified net/unifi: update to 5.6.20 stable candidate

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified textproc/gtranslator: gnome-dictionary does not provide a shared lib anymore, so drop dependency on…

RT @OpenBSD_ports: ajacoutot@ modified x11/gnome/baobab: Update to baobab-3.26.1.